• Why I choose Henry Harvin?
    • I would be happy to share my experience with Henry Harvin Education.
    • Well, this is not just about Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews but my life’s substantial career twist after this training program.
    • Being a tutor as well as a mother I loved helping my students with their school projects. This somehow developed my interest in writing.


  • How It Started
    • I got to know about Henry Harvin Education from Facebook. I clicked on the link and filled my details to know more about their content writing course.
    • In the next couple of days, I got a call from one of the consultants at Henry Harvin, Sushma. Being curious, I bombarded her with my questions and queries, about the writing course she had proposed, which she answered very patiently and calmly.
    • But being sceptical I don’t trust anyone that easily. I made an excuse and asked her to call me after 2 months since I couldn’t take out time during my kids’ summer vacations.
    • Well, to their decency, I never got any disturbing call regarding selling their course forcefully just because I approached them and showed my interest. It took 2+ months to make up my mind on this.
    • I called them up and asked for the upcoming batch details. 


  • What I gained
    • Finally, I joined the August 2019 batch in New Delhi. The training was on Sundays( just 4 days/32-hour training) so I was able to manage my tuition classes easily.
    • I must say the instructor Ms.Tulika Kiran( a renowned Digital Marketer, Trainer, and Subject-matter expert with 10+ years of experience) was really amazing and proficient at delivering the entire course content to all the learners.
    • The classroom session was really interactive and helped all students to clear their doubts on the spot.
    • She used to give regular assignments for practice to help us gain working skills.


My Batch Image

  • Experience  after Henry Harvin CDCW Course
    • One fact among the positive Henry Harvin Content Writing Course reviews is that what one learns is more influential and greater than what they just convey about the course over a call. 
    • I was taught in detail about the 30+ content types, industry tools, strategies, presentation methodologies plus earning and marketing of the content. 
    • Henry Harvin’s CDCW course is the best among others as it makes one realise the true value and potential of content and content writing. 
    • This course has actually helped me to make myself a powerful identity as a content writer. Just in a month’s time after the course completion, with the Henry Harvin assistance and placement program, I got an opportunity to work. Based on my writing samples and an interview with the CEO of that company I got the Content Writer job there. 
    • Today, I credit Henry Harvin Education for the success and growth I am holding presently as a Senior Content Manager and Expert in the same company. 
    • Lastly, I would say there was a time I was not sure to invest such a nominal amount on myself for this course as I was fearful of becoming a fun element in my late thirties if in case things couldn’t work in my favour. 


But today, cherishing the result of my nominal investment makes me proud and grateful to the Henry Harvin Education only. 

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