Coming from a background in management, I have the relevant knowledge but I am always keen on enhancing my skills. In today’s world where the competition is so high, the more the number of skills you have more is the chance of you landing a well-paid and stable job. While surfing online, hunting for good courses that could help me achieve my goal, I stumbled upon Henry Harvin Education’s Product Management Course. I was truly impressed after I took a look at the course. I enrolled instantly.  

The entire course is delivered in 16 hours and is divided into several modules that cover topics like Introduction to Product Management, Product development process, Amplifying existing product, Product Planning and Marketing, Exploring a New Product Ideas. Two additional complimentary modules are also added that cover soft skill development and resume writing which is very important while applying for jobs. They make all the difference.

I found many benefits of taking the course like exposure to thousands of jobs worldwide in the area of Product Management, the possibility to get hired by International Brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands in the industry.

Henry Harvin Education and its certification are globally recognized. They are Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, and Project Management Institute. This makes their certification all the more valid and credible. 

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