When we are working in any company, the ultimate goal is to understand the product and its management, whether tangible or intangible. I come from a background in Engineering but also wish to take up jobs that are to do with products and their management. This way I have more chances of landing a good job and that too in various job profiles. I found Henry Harvin Education’s Product Management Course to be very good and interesting. 

The course provides you with everything you might possibly need like Training, Projects, Internships, Placement, E-Learning resources, Bootcamp sessions, and a Gold Membership. When looking at all this the price tag seemed quite justified for me. The course is very comprehensive and up to industrial standards. The course is well laid out and designed by the subject matter experts. Along with the domain knowledge, the course also offered me Job Calls, Interview Skills Preparation, and Career Services.

The E-Learning resources provided included video recordings, PPT’s, Case studies, and much more. The course being talked about is taught by some of the best faculty out there. They are very experienced and are employed with Henry Harvin Education as subject experts. 

This course has taught me more than I could imagine and that too everything relevant. I am definitely satisfied by the entire course and all the after-course amenities provided were on par with the relevant industry standards.

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