I did not have any clue about what product management was or what people do. I was always interested in it though and my curiosity peaked after I came across Henry Harvin Education and its Product Management Course. The course structure, method of delivery, and perks were very impressive. I was so excited that I enrolled in this course right away and the fees were just a small investment towards my journey in product management. Yes, I call it an investment because there is soo much that you get out of the course. 

Henry Harvin Education and its certification are globally recognized. They are Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, and Project Management Institute. This makes their certification all the more valid and credible. It is sharable across media and can be used to find new opportunities or grow in the existing ones.

The entire course is delivered in 16 hours and is divided into several modules that cover topics like Introduction to Product Management, Product development process, Amplifying existing product, Product Planning and Marketing, Exploring a New Product Ideas. I got the choice of attending unlimited lectures with multiple faculty throughout the course. This made sure that I understood every concept through and through. 

With classes for this course starting each week I did not have to stress about enrolling when a batch started. I could easily enrol while checking, my schedule. And as the timings are flexible, it made all the more sense to enrol in the course. 

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