When I joined Henry Harvin Education and its Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing i had very high expectations of them and they managed to deliver on every front. I loved everything from the academics to the after course services. They are some of the best providers in the education industry and I’m proud to have been a part of this institution. I found out about them through a distant cousin. He had taken the SAP MM course with them and the change that I saw within him was drastic and it propelled me to try finding out about them.  All in all you can expect a very warm welcome and help in any way possible. 

At Henry Harvin, the Post-Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing is delivered over a period of 12 months. It includes domain knowledge and self-development modules to make sure that your growth is complete and you are employable. The instructors are well qualified and took us through all the modules in a seamless manner.All participants came from different backgrounds but the mentors handled them very well, giving equal importance to all.

Henry Harvin Education really makes sure that you have completely understood the topics. How do they do this? You might ask. Let me tell you. I was allowed to attend multiple lectures with many batches and teachers as long as my membership lasted. Also, all the trainers are top notch, they have a lot of industry experience and are employed as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin. 

The course I took with them starts every week so I could virtually start every week. Anyone can start whenever they wish or they feel they are ready. The certification is also valid throughout the world. It is one of the best courses I have done.

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