With Henry Harvin Education all is taken care of for you. The only thing I had to focus on was gaining as much knowledge as I could till my membership lasted. With Henry Harvin Education and its Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing I got everything. There was no other institute in my opinion that provides such a high standard of education and at such reasonable cost. I believe it is justified with the services they chose to give. 

At Henry Harvin, the Post-Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing is delivered over a period of 12 months. It includes domain knowledge and self-development modules to make sure that your growth is complete and you are employable. The domain modules include Digital Marketing 101: Fundamentals, Website Designing- High Performance, SEO: Highly Effective Strategy + Execution, SEM PPC: High ROI Ads on Google, YouTube, Discovery & More.

The two additionally included complementary modules include resume writing and soft skill development. There are so many positions that are available which I could take up after passing this course like I could work for Optimize website Structure, Optimize Website Content for SEO, Drive relevant traffic to the website, Develop Various Digital Marketing strategies through SEO & SEM, Create more engagement on the website through Social Media, Check the regular update of Google Algorithms, Create Optimized Digital Content such as Video, infographics, etc.

The gold membership with Henry Harvin gives you a lot of benefits like  12 Months of Live Online Interactive Classroom Session, internships, certifications, placement assistance, E-Learning resources, bootcamp sessions to make sure you don’t forget the knowledge you gained. With an internationally acclaimed certificate, you will gain access to huge number of opportunities. My advice is go for this course.

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