• About Me
    • I am Meenakshi Chakraverti, a retired lady, and I eagerly wanted to take a content writing course.
    • I worked as a software engineer in a leading MNC. I was looking to improve my prospects of earning money and looking after my needs.

Henry Harvin provides live online training and certification of digital content writers. After going through many websites, Henry Harvin had the best reviews. I was connected with a person from customer support, and soon I had all the information regarding the course structure and fees.

I joined the course of 1st April in Gurgaon. My trainer was Ms. Urvashi Chaudhry. She was an excellent trainer and was very knowledgeable, helping me out in every step.

My Batch Image

The modules covered a wide range with the utmost efficiency.

  •  I was taught to keep in mind the target audience.
  •  I learned about Search Engine Optimizations, maximizing earning potential, and writing a variety of content.
  • Various assignments were given, which improved my language proficiency and other necessary skills. 

I would certainly recommend this course. Henry Harvin’s content writing course has not only increased my productivity but also boosted my confidence level.

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My quality of writing has risen remarkably, and I have been able to deliver coherent messages, which is a powerful asset for communication. This course is the best Content Writing Course available today.