During my pregnancy, I got a long time off from my work. Before that, I was an employee in a well-known company. Anyway, during that time, I decided to gain some more knowledge to enhance my skills and upgrade my profile. I was looking through many courses offered by several institutions then I saw the Post Graduate Program in HR course at Henry Harvin. 

The description of the course was highly intriguing and I decided to enroll in it. The faculty effectively made the joining process, clearing my doubts regarding the course and the institution. It was my first online learning experience so I was a bit skeptical about it but the entire process was conducted wonderfully. Anyway, soon, I was introduced to our trainer. He was a highly experienced person with an immense amount of knowledge and experience. The classes were amazing, every session was interactive, discussing the facts and tools required to know as an HR. We were introduced to the various management procedures and laws like FMLA, ADA, COBRA, IRCA.  As the faculty was aware of my pregnancy, I received a lot of help related to classes. have earned expertise in all the tools. The course shaped my skills and opened a new career opportunity for me. 

After a few months when I restarted my career, I got various job opportunities as an HR from well-reputed companies. I am grateful to Henry Harvin for changing my career and creating a bright future for me. Thank you!

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