During the lockdown period, the work from home left me with an immense number of thoughts to upgrade my career. I started looking for courses that would not only bring knowledge but also be a turning point in my career. Then, I came to know about Henry Harvin and started following their amazing blogs. Their Post-Graduate Program in HR course caught my eyes. The description of the course amused me. One course providing so many details about HR roles and trains one from the core is tough to find. 

The joining process was easily completed with the guidance of the faculty. Soon the classes begin, supplying us with sufficient study materials. Our trainer was amazing, he had expertise in the subject matter, introduced us to very required tools and techniques important for an efficient HR. The course was amazingly described to us and every doubt was answered by the trainer. Although it was a long period of course I enjoyed every bit of it. The interactive sessions created a comforting atmosphere and helped us to be active. The course expertise one in the tools and law and management processes which are vital for an HR role. Laws like FMLA, ADA, COBRA, FLSA, IRCA, Paycheck Fundamentals we amazingly explained throughout the course. 

I am glad that I enrolled in this course. It is a life-changing course that had been introduced by Henry Harvin. Now I am working as an HR in a reputed company. I would highly recommend this course to all. Thank you!

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