I am working as an HR in one of the well-reputed companies in India, and this was only possible for Henry Harvin. I have been part of this company for a long time but my promotion as an HR always got rejected due to the lack of few basic skills. It was frustrating as I was being denied my hard work’s reward. One day, one of my seniors suggested I enroll in the Post Graduate Program in HR course at Henry Harvin. He had told me this course would bring a huge change in my life and now I understand why.

The Post Graduate Program in HR course at Henry Harvin is a set of skill learning platforms created to shape your knowledge and build your career as a successful HR. The course trains you to earn expertise in the subjects required to be HR. The trainers were brilliant in explaining the concept and tools that were very vital to know as an HR. We got to learn about the various employment laws such as FMLA, ADA, COBRA, IRCA so on. I must say these 6 months of online training enhanced my skills and trained me from the core.

Soon after completing the course, I started getting an HR post job offer from different companies, and finally, I got promoted as an HR in the company I was working for before. I am glad that I enrolled in the course. It was a life-changing opportunity for me. Thank you Henry Harvin for introducing such an amazing course. 

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