• When did you Enroll for Henry Harvin? 
    • I am a student pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a reputed institution in Delhi. However, I come back to my hometown Kolkata during the winter vacation. I decided to utilize this time efficiently.
    • Hence, I opted for an Online Course regarding Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. I joined the classes in January.
  • How much did you pay? Was there any support provided after the course?
    • I paid Rs 15000 at the beginning of the course.
    • The fees paid were for the certificate, the online course, an extended one-year membership with Henry Harvin, which gave me access to all necessary materials.
    • The availability of seats was on a first-come, first-serve basis. Around 15 people were enrolled in the course.

Yes, they supported me after I had taken the examination with their institution. Not only did I have access to all the materials online, but I could also indulge myself in doubt clearing sessions with the seasoned trainers.


  • What was the course design?
    • The course comes with an exhaustive and extensive coverage of every topic needed for a complete understanding of Six Sigma.
    • It focuses on eight modules, including Define Phase, Measure Phase, Analyse Phase, Improve Phase, Control Phase, Lean Methodology.  
    • At the end of the course, we were taught how to integrate our learning.
  • What I Achieved?
    • The benefits of this course are many. It aided me in effectively cultivating capabilities for fact-based decision making that was driven by data.
    • My skills with regards to solving managerial problems had also sharpened since Henry Harvin Six Sigma Online Course provided me with twenty-plus Management learning tools.
    • I am now adept at analyzing data. My newly acquired skills have made me confident enough to apply for jobs abroad.
    • The trainers were seasoned professionals who have been certified as subject matter experts by Henry Harvin. They had a real-life experience as some of them have already worked in esteemed companies.
  • Where all the trainees college students?
    • No. Some of the students were professionals working under reputed organizations and companies.  
    • However, the nature of the course was such that beginners and advanced trainees were taught alike.
    • A formal introduction to the necessity for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt was provided at the beginning of the class.
    • I had no problem understanding the gist of the subject. Thanks to the trainers who left no stone unturned for making the experience worthwhile.
  • Would you recommend Henry Harvin for Lean Six Sigma training? 
    • Owing to my fantastic experience, I would recommend Henry Harvin for such training.
    • One can look into the online portal like Udemy or Coursera for additional support. However, the course designed by Henry Harvin is sufficiently exhaustive in itself.

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As has been mentioned in several other Henry Harvin Green Belt Reviews, the course provides a comprehensive approach towards executive learning. I would also like to give 4.6/5 for Henry Harvin Six Sigma Reviews. Feel free to offer the online course a try if you are willing to excel in Executive Decision Making.