• When did you enroll for the batch?
    • I was enrolled for the batch on the 29th of March 2020. I have forever aspired to be an Executive in a company with an analytical background, and Six Sigma would help me with exactly that. 
    • I had heard from my colleagues about Henry Harvin Education. So I decided to join the Executive Certificate Classroom Course on Lean Six Sigma Certification in Delhi.
  • Why did you enroll for Henry Harvin?
    • I knew about the excellent trainer profiles from the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Reviews.
    • All the trainers were either seasoned professionals or had years of experience in teaching. 
    • The class timings were also convenient for me as I had to work five days a week for my job.
    • I attended the scheduled classes on weekends as the batches were scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays. 
    • The course extensively covers all the nuances of Lean Six Sigma, including Define Phase, Control Phase, and Lean Methodology.
    • It also teaches us to integrate the learning procedure. The courses are exhaustive of whatever material is required to become a seasoned executive with Six Sigma Education.

Moreover, the course provides us with a Certified Six Sigma Executive credential. We can showcase this in the global market. The non-teaching faculty is also highly competent. They resolved all of my queries and left no stones unturned to make my experience worthwhile.

  • What was the batch composition like?
    • The batch consisted of college-goers and professionals like me. 
    • College goers received regular help from the trainers as they were new to the subject.
  • What are the other details of the classroom program?
    • It is a four day/32 hours classroom training system. 
    • I was provided with materials for using the year-round after I passed the examination.
    •  The examination of the certificate is held after 15 days of completion of the course. 
    • I was given access to Live-Online classes, as well.
  • What I Achieved? 
    • After the course, I was adept at handling analytical tasks that were data-driven.
    • I now knew better how to deal with customers on a day to day basis and provide them with quality products and services, all the while improving my managerial skills.
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt course developed my leadership skills and taught me useful product management hacks.

The environment at the institution is very welcoming. I made some friends during this short course of four days. So I took with me from Henry Harvin Education, not only some excellent skills but also found new friendships.


  • How much did I pay for the classes?
    • I paid Rs 17500 for the classes. The previously mentioned amount was inclusive of all taxes and came with all the learning materials. 
    • I still access these materials for a daily brush up sessions.


  • Would you recommend Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt Classroom Program?
    • I would recommend it. The experience will not only nurture your pre-existing skills but also imbibe in you a new set of skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.

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On my excellent experience, I give Henry Harvin Six Sigma Reviews 4.7/5. The training is excellent. The course is also pocket friendly.