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Tuhin Chakraborty, 4.6/5 Financial Statement Analysis Course

I am about to complete my graduation this year. In this period of hard competition, every student is eager to learn more and out of their depth. There are online courses for every student and in every sphere you would like to expand. My college lectures were obviously helpful, but I felt like I lacked […]

Oishi Kar, 4.7/5 Financial Statement Analysis Course

The lockdown was now boiling all the energy and enthusiasm out of me, with its ever extending period. I had lost all power to start new projects or even think of unique and innovative ideas. I certainly needed distraction and something worthwhile to invest this time into. That is when Henry Harvin turned up with […]

Imran Khan, 4.8/5 Financial Statement Analysis Course

From my college days, I was able to gather that without having extra knowledge and expertise over certain concepts, it is difficult to reach the top nowadays. So instead of hurrying to apply at any company or organization, I took my time and researched online courses that will make my way to the top a […]

Manas Khanna, 4.9/5 Financial Statement Analysis Course

From the very beginning of my college life, I felt doomed. The reason being this pandemic: the lockdown forever was taking its toll on me. I was not able to concentrate on the same syllabus the college taught for months. I wanted something new and unique and also that would benefit me later. So I […]

Khushi Sinha, 4.8/5 Financial Statement Analysis Course

It has been almost a year since we students are at home, having no productive work at hand. It was a blessing when my elder brother suggested that I take online courses as part of my extracurricular learning. I was interested in taking a career option related to finance or banking. So I decided to […]