The lockdown was now boiling all the energy and enthusiasm out of me, with its ever extending period. I had lost all power to start new projects or even think of unique and innovative ideas. I certainly needed distraction and something worthwhile to invest this time into. That is when Henry Harvin turned up with this Financial Statement Analysis course. I asked my parents to help me in choosing the right course and they recommended me to take this course. This course was supposed to make me more focussed and create a more organized workspace, with maximum productivity.

          I found myself privileged to get trained under the guidance of industry experts. The course helped me to gain knowledge on balance sheets and financial statements and many more. The stimulating lectures were very informative and have contributed to my understanding of the subject. The updated industry-oriented study material will make the learning process easy. Every hour taught me new concepts and uplifted my confidence level step by step. The learning process became more interesting with the practical demonstrations and all the assignments that we had to work out ourselves. The instructor was an expert in his field and unveiled various tricks and techniques, which were supposed to help us in the industrial arena.

            Without any doubt, this course acted as a booster to my confidence and definitely helped me pick up on the latest tools and techniques required to flatten any project. Now I know how to work in financial statements and make an impression on my clients and build my own steps to reach higher. Thank you Henry Harvin for this wonderful opportunity!