From my college days, I was able to gather that without having extra knowledge and expertise over certain concepts, it is difficult to reach the top nowadays. So instead of hurrying to apply at any company or organization, I took my time and researched online courses that will make my way to the top a smooth slope. Henry Harvin was one such online institute that was offering various courses that contained industrial upliftment and training. So as my first step to my career in the financial department, I took the Financial Statement Analysis course. 

         The course was an 16 hour long intensive training program, and every hour was equally interactive and informative. Our instructor was an amazing person who delivered all concepts of financial statements and banking topics individually with full dedication. He made the process easier to comprehend and included fun parts for everyone to enjoy while learning. This course includes step-by-step instructions for accomplishing the highest goal as well as a plan of action to implement the learnings throughout my career. There were even projects to give us for our better understanding and gaining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt more drawn towards the subject. What can be more beneficial from an online course than hands-on experience?!

             I must say that the pointers mentioned during the program were detailed upon perfectly. I would recommend all students looking forward to entering any organization for their jobs to enrol for this course. It definitely helps you gain insight into the technicalities of a task.