• About Me:
    • I believe I must share my experience of joining content writing course in Delhi at Henry Harvin Education, on this forum.
    • Well, to start with my brief introduction: I am a Delhi-based Businessman running a textile business.
    • I heard about this course from one of my friends, in Banglore, who pursued Six Sigma Online Training from the same Institute and is retrieving good results within her organisation. 
    • Almost 3 months back, we had a conversation over a call regarding the issues I had been facing in my business on which she suggested to me the idea of shifting it online to make its global presence basically. 
    • She told me about the Henry Harvin Education and her experience during as well as post the training/classes.
    • I was convinced and immediately, without giving it a second thought, my wife and I joined the course. 
    • So, the main idea behind joining this course was to learn about content creation and marketing for which we both didn’t want to rely on any appointed person. 


  • Experiences whilst the course
    • The training programme being executed on Sundays is the first best part of Henry Harvin Education 
    • Next, this course is not age-bound. The strength of the class was really good and comprised of various age groups. This actually helped us in expanding our social links with various intellectual people from across the city. 
    • Basically, the two key elements of any training course are the content and the delivery of the trainer. At Henry Harvin, both the elements were more than just satisfying.
    • The Henry Harvin Education’s CDCW Course is a well-structured course with picked modules and finely researched topics. All the topics were explained in detail in the class. 
    • The digital marketing tools and strategies taught during the class were the most amazing part of the session. 
    • We have gained ample knowledge to utilise various tools and techniques to expand our business online as well as composing an engaging content as writers. 
    • The trainer was really amazing, a highly knowledgeable and cooperative teacher is, in fact, one of the best persons we have ever met. He never seemed vexatious while handling queries of class. The sessions were really interactive and well versed. 


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  • Takeaways from the course
    • My business is now online and has been expanding gradually. My wife is working as a content expert for my website and business as well. 
    • We are glad to learn so many things from Henry Harvin’s Certified Digital Content Writing Course (CDCW) . 
    • It was overall one of my best experiences. 


I certainly would recommend Henry Harvin Education’s training programs, being conducted across the different states, to all the aspiring learners who want to transform their existing careers or initiate the new one as writers. 


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