Graduation – An important milestone in a student’s life. Moreover, this gives a student an opportunity to now think of a great career ahead. However, many students might find it conflicting too. Study further or pursue a trending professional course? This question causes conflict in the student’s mind. Furthermore, conflict arises in which course the student should drive his/her career. While many opt for a master’s degree. Few opt for professional courses after graduation. What professional courses option does a student have? At the same time, how do they benefit the career graph of a student? These simple yet important questions answered in this blog. Let us have a look at the 5 professional courses after graduation.

1. Content writing


For the purpose of attracting customers to their brands, companies generate interesting information-based campaigns. Although this helps in building customer base and loyalty. Good content improves the visibility and trust of a brand. Owing to this factor companies hire content writers. A content writing course not only helps a student tap into their creative side. But also become a good career option.

Why content writing and content generation?

Simply, let us list down the whys for a clear understanding

  • A good brand building and awareness activity – Customers search for new products. Basically, something new that enthuses their purchase. In the hope that they see what they want. The search leads them to brands and services. Once the awareness about the brand, its USPs, and needs become clear. This leads to purchasing. Content writing not only creates demand but also nudges the customer to buy.
  • In order for SEOs to work, content becomes a necessity. Moreover good content with proper keywords ranks high in search engines. Because of this content writers and writing both gain demand. 
  • Websites help create awareness. In other words, the content of the website needs to be interesting. The information crisp, to the point, and truly captivating. Once again a content writer becomes responsible for generating interest and retaining attention. As a result more business gets generated.
  • Collaboration with different websites – A website becomes a huge box of information. Information often gets shared and redirected. When this information gets shared automatically not only brand awareness increases but also the traffic. A good content writer writes informative, interesting, and easy to understand blogs. 
  • Good content, good read – with the advent of technology, people read on various platforms. Good content always has readers compared to content that becomes me too. A reader likes reading new and informative every time. In contrast, when the blogs/articles become stale, readers lose interest. A content writer generates newer styles and topics for writing. Thus a strong fan base. 

Benefits of Content writing course as a professional course after graduation

  1. Start earning immediately. In fact, immediately a student starts earning online.
  2. By all means, the communication of a student improves. For example, they pitch for projects better after understanding the client brief. In other words, build effective strategies.
  3. Go international by sitting in India. In contrast, content writing opportunities overseas becomes a reality.
  4. Unlike other professional courses after graduation, content writing has 30 and more types of creative expression. Students learn to tap them and make a successful career.
  5. In spite of the field’s relatively new, lucrative salaries, remote work, and creative expression of thoughts. These make content writing a very attractive career option. 

Content writing does not limit itself to being a drag. In contrast, this professional course after graduation gives students the boost to earn better. A content writer attracts a salary between the range of 3-5 lakhs per annum. Ideally, a content writing course with a professional institute proves beneficial. Try various content writing sites like Henry Harvin to know more

Visit: Henry Harvin’s Content writing course

2. Six Sigma 


Businesses try to improve themselves continuously. Six Sigma one such approach that proves helpful. For example, if defects get eliminated.  A substantial benefit for the business. For instance, if proper charting happens for a process. Definitely, timelines achieved. In order to do this six sigma specialists come into the picture. An online Six sigma certification adds a feather in the cap.

Why Six Sigma as a professional course after graduation?

  • Mapping of a process – A flow chart of a process comes in handy. In contrast to the process that takes place without mapping. Mapping makes place for valuable suggestions and improves the process.
  • Waste of time and resources eliminated –  anything that does not add value ends up waste. The waste of time, resources, and manpower included.  Waste of time for example would lead to not meeting client deadlines. With the implementation of six sigma tools and techniques, the waste door gets shut. By all means Six sigma profits the business.
  • Effective defect reduction – With production comes defects. These defects in large numbers make a dent in the profits. Six sigma tools help identify the defect. Once identified, efforts in elimination and reduction lead to fewer and fewer defects. In this case, the profits increase, and processes iron out the roadblocks.
  • Continuous improvement becomes a success mantra – The six sigma tool nudges improvement at all levels. For instance, few bottlenecks in production lead to quality products. Furthermore, these products make their way to market on time. Truly, the profit to the business 

Benefits of Six Sigma course as a professional course after graduation

  1. For the purpose of improvement, 20 and more tools from six sigma. Using these tools, problem solving, analysis and implementation becomes easy. A professional thus errands respect within the organisation. 
  2. The learner becomes an effective decision-maker. For instance, using data and its analysis to solve problems and derive inferences. 
  3. With experience and tools, learners project themselves as leaders and become essential in project management.
  4. While business revolves around profits a Six sigma professional brings around customer-centric solutions and services. 
  5. Six Sigma certification sharpens the business acumen of the learner. Thus they become industry-driven professionals.
  6. Data made to work so that inference drawn helps in quick decision making.

Six Sigma certification as a professional course after graduation instills in the students the passion to learn. The certification based on the popular DMAIC methodology. Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control become the five pillars of six sigma. All the tools drawn from these pillars owing to which business profit. A student who becomes well-versed with these tools earns respect among peers.  Nevertheless, salary and perks become a package for the professional. A six sigma certified professional earns around 5-10 lakhs per annum.

While choosing a six sigma course visit the site and look at the program holistically. Trainers, modules planned, internships, and placements paint a clear picture. Take an informed decision and get all the information before enrolling in this professional course after graduation. Many institutes offer courses in Six sigma for example Henry Harvin.

3. Medical Writing


Medical science and its advances along with growing clinical experience make it a dynamic field. All this thus needs a communication voice to percolate to various levels. Like practitioners, medical labs, students, pharmacists, patients, and regulatory bodies. Likewise, these writers, who write in an understandable language, come in demand. A medical writing course after graduation becomes a lucrative option. 

Different mediums for Medical writing as a professional course after graduation?

  • Medical Journalism -For example Newspaper & magazine articles. Comparatively using simple language to reach maximum audience in an understandable fashion.
  • Medical Education – For instance textbooks, slide decks, and e-learning modules. Sometimes patient literature. To put it in another way, using simple language to percolate information to all channels.
  • Medical marketing of healthcare products –  In this case, Literature for doctors, Salesforce training manuals, and product monographs to name a few.
  • Research Documents – To explain Clinical trial protocols, Research proposals, study reports, etc.
  • Regulatory Documents –  Surely the most challenging amongst all mediums. Writing in Package Inserts, Clinical study reports, and regulatory submission documents. Furthermore, this includes various reports like Periodic Safety Update Reports, Annual safety reports, and policy papers.
  • Publication/Presentation-Namely, review articles, Abstracts, Posters & presentations written in journals and magazines.

Benefits of Medical writing course as a professional course after graduation

  1. Earn at par with the best. To put it in other words. Demand for medical writers surpasses the number of medical writers. Thus you can demand your salary and earn while working remotely.
  2. Since you graduate in a science stream you have an advantage. A professional course after graduation in this area gives you the freedom of being in touch with the graduation degree. Thus providing you with a lucrative career option.
  3. Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Clinical Research companies always need medical writers. 
  4. Stay in India and work on overseas projects. In other words, increase your global exposure.
  5. Medical writing often called a recession-proof career.
  6. Nevertheless, growth at the individual level and at the industry level does not stop.

A medical writer writes about the new advances in the medical field adding his/her flavor. Alternatively, it becomes a good career option for the biotechnology, medical, and pharmacy streams.  A thumbs up to this professional course after graduation. Along with other benefits, the salary offered ranges from 2-6 lakh per annum. Choose a premium institute like Henry Harvin which has an ISO certification and put the pedal on the metal today. Visit the website. 

4. Medical coding


Important medical information for the purpose of documenting and billing needs translation. Simply, the process of translation becomes code and the field of medical coding. Alternatively, seamless transfer of medical records and efficient analysis of patients’ health records. Coding helps this analysis and tracking. To become a certified medical coder accreditation from AHIMA or AAPC often needed.  To put it differently, clearing the above-mentioned examination. To become a medical coder there are many medical coding courses available. They help in teaching the coding past as well as help in clearing the above-mentioned exams.  

Why medical coding a professional course after graduation?

  • Training of shorter duration – In the first place, the shorter duration of the course implies that the learner becomes industry ready immediately. Online as well as offline classes make learning easy. Choose the right course and then internship to become industry ready in no time.
  • Be the boss of your own time – flexibility both of location as well as time. Thus a work life balance gets a professional in harmony.
  • Great demand all the time – Definitely climbing the ladders in a career becomes easy. With experience and the never-ending demand. Coders become health information managers or coding supervisors soon with loads of experience backing them.
  • Salary – Salary and not to mention the perks attached to a medical coder job. Certification, skill coupled with diligence takes a coder to a higher remunerations scale.

Benefits of Medical coding course, as a professional course after graduation

  1. The world is calling you. Comparatively jobs from foreign shores keep calling a medical coder. Great opportunities knock on the door.
  2. Similarly, coding ranks high in-demand skill. Thus giving the learner an edge over peers.
  3. Furthermore, exceptional growth opportunities and job security.
  4. Improve the resume and connection with medical coding courses and gain job opportunities in major corporations.

Medical coding courses envisage all the aspects in coding like human anatomy, diseases, and diagnostic tools. Along with procedures, and treatments. Moreover, coding aspects like ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, and CPT. Many institutes offer these courses both online as well as offline. Go through the details minutely before enrolling. Alternatively, one can visit the Henry Harvin medical academy for further details. 

5. Technical writing


The user manual comes in handy while using an appliance. Equally important become the language used. The user has understood what the instructions say. Similarly, research papers need language that would corroborate the finding. For such instances, a technical writer comes in handy. Technical writing courses help students sharpen their skills. Sometimes it becomes a logical extension of the content writing course too. 

Why technical writing as a professional course after graduation?

  • Makes communication clear – Technical writers translate and build a bridge of communication. The communication between the developer and the actual product user. Often they help in design with appropriate illustration suggestions.
  • Accurate documentation –  Not only in the documentation does expertise need, but also in accuracy. A technical writer understands and then writes error free documents. Thus, submission and approvals have less turnaround time.
  • Reducing cost – often technical writers find themselves as editors too. Thus reducing the cost incurred due to reprinting a data, manual, or a document.

Benefits of Technical writing course as a professional course after graduation

  1. Scientific Communication knowledge brings knowledge of ethics and practices.
  2. Work with citations. Hence, the documents based on facts and figures get published.
  3. Reviewing different literature becomes easy and thus becoming an editor. 
  4. Alternatively, communicate technical details with non-technical people with ease and grace.
  5. Moreover, research paper presentation becomes easy and error-free.

Many online and offline courses for technical writing have sprung up. But as a writer choosing the right institute and getting certification becomes important. Do a course that has many international affiliations and a strong alumni network like Henry Harvin. When network and networking take your career places. Choose the one with a large alumni network.

Salary Wise comparison 

A professional course after graduation does open a lot of avenues to earn. It therefore very important that the right course becomes your career. 

Professional courses after graduationSalary
Content writing 3-5 lakhs per annum
Six Sigma5-10 lakhs per annum
Medical coding3-6 lakhs per annum
Medical writing2-6 lakhs per annum
Technical writing6 lakhs per annum


Professional courses after graduation bring about a transformation in the learner. Not only do they become confident and well versed but also gain an edge over their counterparts. Find Out the areas of interest, the institute, and the fee structure. A thumbs up to Professionals courses after graduation.


Q 1. Can you guide me regarding the duration of professional courses after graduation?

Ideally, the duration can range between 2 to 4 months. Not to mention the few weeks additional of an internship.

Q 2. After the professional courses after graduation. Can I continue to learn further?

Absolutely, for example, after a content writing course. A learner can take up a creative or technical writing course. This absolutely depends on the interest of the learner.

Q 3. Which institute would you recommend for professional courses after graduation?

To each his own. Many institutes offer such courses. First, find out your area of interest. Second, search the institutes around you who offer these courses. Third, and the most important, see the course details. Find out how the flow of the program, fee, duration, internship, and placement. Once you become clear and sure. Enroll without further delay.

Q 4. What would be the other professional courses after graduation apart from the above-mentioned ones?

There are many such courses for learning languages like French, German, and Spanish. Likewise, Korean and Japanese. Creative writing, GST or SAP FIco courses to name a few in this segment. 

Q 5. Does a master’s program fall under the category of professional courses after graduation?

Yes, It does. Likewise, any master’s degree in arts, science, or commerce falls in the category.

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