Many well-known companies are looking for PMP-certified employees, and passing the PMP certification exam is a sure way to get better job opportunities. You will communicate with people taking the PMP Courses in Singapore and those already certified, opening the door to better jobs. Expanding your PM circle of contacts is a surefire way to boost your professional standing. PMP qualifications improve your expertise, skills, and abilities.

You will begin to work outside your primary position and responsibilities within the organization. You will have the chance to work on highly regarded programs. As a professional PMP, you must manage big projects and please many people. Moreover, as a certified PMP professional, You will gain a lot from taking on such responsibilities because the experience you get will help you find problems with a project early on, from planning to carrying it out. With that in mind, here are the best 10 PMP Courses in Singapore where you can get a PMP certificate.

Top PMP Courses in Singapore

PMP Courses

1. Henry Harvin- PMP Courses in Singapore


Henry Harvin Contact No: +1 (253) 785-8210


It is one of the best institutes for PMP certification training, recognized by media partners like India Today, The Tribune, Yugasa, Higher Prime Insights, etc., with a 98.8% first-time pass rate. Henry Harvin has been in business since July 2013. They have offices in 11+ US, India, Singapore, and UAE cities. It has a strong team of 400+ employees and 650+ consultants. It has its ISO 29990:2010 Certified Recognition from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME & Project Management Institute (PMI)

Henry Harvin PMP Course Duration Fees and Key Features: 

Duration: 35 hours of Live Online Classroom Core Sessions with recorded videos available for the next year at their Learning Management System (LMS). Moreover, unlimited access to all sessions scheduled for different batches for the next year from the date of enrollment without paying anything extra.

Faculty: Certified PMP trainers with 10+ years of industry experience and a lot of teaching experience, as well as having trained over 1000 people around the world

Membership and Live projects: the opportunity to be a member of Henry Harvin’s Management Academy, and you can work on Live Projects on industry-related topics.

Internship + Job support: You’ll get guaranteed training with Henry Harvin or one of his partner firms. Further, 100 per cent job support with a weekly job alert, including Interview Skills and Career Services.

Method of training: More than 1500 practice questions, over 91 quizzes, and seven mock exams are available to assess the student’s understanding, 

Case Study: 9 Case Studies from the Business World and 16 real-world examples.

Based on the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, with support for PMP exam preparation.

Course Fees:

Henry Harvin also provides these Courses

2. Bridging Minds PMP Courses in Singapore

Contact no: +65 6635 5590

Bridging Minds offers one of the most prestigious industry-recognized certifications for project managers. The PMP course credential is globally recognized as evidence that the holder has the experience, expertise, and core skills necessary to lead a project. In addition, it demonstrates that you can effectively manage projects from the planning to execution phases in today’s dynamic professional environment.

Unlike most PMP programs, which are dry and dull, they made their own based on possible situations and case discussions, which helps you learn much more.

Bridging Minds PMP Certification Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

3. IntelliSoft Systems

Contact no: +65 6296 2995

IntelliSoft systems offer education and training in more than 100 courses, specializing in IT, Project Management, Microsoft Office, and “soft skills.” They provide videos you can watch at your own pace made by PMP-certified trainers, and for deep understanding, you will get practice questions, tips, and tricks to help you pass the exam.

Based on the PMI framework, the course material matches the PMBOK Guide, sixth edition. Also, after course completion, they give you a 35-PDU certificate.

But their website needs to explain more about the course details adequately. Before joining their PMP certification Singapore training program, you should research and ask questions.

IntelliSoft Systems PMP certification Training Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

4. IT Enabler Consultancy

Contact no: +65 6333 4843

With over 75,000 PMPs in over 120 countries, PMP Courses in Singapore is the most prestigious and widely recognized Certification. Moreover, earning the PMP certification raises the profile of your project management skills and knowledge within the organization.

The PMP course from IT Enabler Consultancy follows a well-versed curriculum and PMI guidelines. The course aims to prepare professionals to take and pass the Project Management Professional Exam. The course will meet both the requirements of the PMP Exam and project management needs, thanks to the professional instructors. The program is suitable for project team leaders or managers who need training or a complete understanding of project management.

IT Enabler Consultancy PMP Training Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

5. Knowledge Method – PMP Courses in Singapore

Contact no: +65 6776 2240

Knowledge Method is an academy in Singapore that offers different courses in project, portfolio, and program management. Besides, they provide workshops for advanced specialization, foundational and core subject courses, and programs that lead to professional certification.

This Institute offers PMP courses and PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner), among others.

Knowledge Method offers a 5-day (35-hour) PMP course training to help students understand how project management works in the real world.

Their course is unique because they use games, challenges, case studies, drills, flashcards, and other tools to help students understand the concept and approach. Using these different ways to teach is meant to help students “understand instead of memorize” what they are learning.

Their PMP courses in Singapore follow PMI’s PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Also, they need an online course for PMP certification, making it harder for working professionals to get the certification. 

Knowledge Method PMP Course Training Duration and Fees:

For information Visit:

6. VTeach

The project Management Professional (PMP ®) certificate is an internationally well-known and esteemed certification. To get the PMP ® certification, you must meet the training and experience requirements and agree to follow a code of professional conduct. The final step to becoming a PMP ® is to undergo a multiple-choice exam to evaluate the student’s knowledge of project management objectively. The PMP ® Prep program must train the delegates and prepare them for the PMP ® Cert Exam.

This course is great for managers who want to learn more about project management in general and for those who want to learn everything they need to know about PMBOK by PMI to pass the PMP certification exam.

VTeach PMP Certification Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

7. Ikompass- PMP Courses in Singapore

Ikompass is another top-rated academy in Singapore that offers courses like PMP, PMI-ACP, Data Science, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cyber Security Web Development, Android Programming, and more.

They offer training in real and virtual classrooms, and you can take classes during the week or on the weekend. The PMP training course is a full-time course that takes place for four days, either online or in person. It is followed by an E-learning program that lasts for one year.

They have a 98% pass rate and deliver their classes through case studies instead of focusing on the PMBOK Guide, which PMI made for the exam. Still, their dedication and consistent delivery might help you understand the practical parts of the PMP certification exam.

Ikompass PMP Training Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

8. NTUC Learning Hub 

The main focus of NTUC Learning Hub is not just PMP training but also Cyber Security, Robotics Process Automation, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, ORACLE, Data Analytics, Software Development, Mobile App Development, and a lot more.

It has four courses in Project Management: NICF-PMP, NICF-PMI-ACP, NICF-CAPM, and NICF-PMI-RMP.

NICF-PMP is a 5-day (40-hour) course that requires the trainee to do a practical performance called a “case study” and pass an in-class assignment to get a certificate for 35 contact hours.

Compared to other training centers, the prices for their courses seem high and a bit pricey.

NTUC Learning Hub PMP Certification Duration and Fees:

For information visit:

9. Institute of Project Management in Singapore (I.S.P.M.)

I.S.P.M. is a training center that offers soft and hard skills classes. They offer many different project management courses in Singapore, such as PMP certification training, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification Training, and Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) Certification Training.

For the PMP certification course, they offer a 2-day workshop from 9 am to 5 pm, along with 12 months of email support, 30 days of follow-up support, lifetime access to their LMS (Learning Management System) portal, and a free review of your PMP exam application.

I.S.P.M. focuses on all five domains: Starting, Planning, Doing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Finishing. It gives students a solid foundation for dealing with the everyday challenges of the management system.

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee that lasts for one day. But this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll pass the test, and you can only use it within the first day of the course.

I.S.P.M PMP Certification Course Duration and Fees:

For information Visit:

10. IMDA- PMP Courses in Singapore

IMDA’s PMP certification training will teach you about the ideas and values of project management and the skills, methods, and techniques that will help you do your job better. You will also get detailed tips on taking the exam and study methods to help you pass the PMP exam.

At the end of this intensive, fast-paced workshop, participants can use project management knowledge from the PMBOK® Guide’s nine knowledge areas and five process groups.


There are more than 1 million people with PMP credentials in the world right now. If a project manager or team leader had a PMP certificate, their salaries would go up significantly, and their careers would take off.

It’s incredible how important and valuable a PMP certification is in business. When a professional pass the PMP exam after taking PMP courses in Singapore, they get more respect and stands out from their peers in many ways.

In this article, we discussed in detail the best 10 PMP courses in Singapore and the features of their courses. So don’t wait; look at the different institutes, and start getting ready to give your management career a boost right now!

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Q1. Does Singapore value the PMP courses?

Ans: The PMP Course in Singapore is the best project management certification in the world. It gives you skills and knowledge that the students can use anywhere in the world.

Q2. Is it easy to pass the PMP?

Ans: People know that the PMP exam is challenging, but the authority body doesn’t inform on failing or passing scores. Some surveys of project experts put the failure rate at between 40 and 50%, which means that only about half of the people who take the PMP exam for the first time pass it.

Q3. Does PMP expire?

Ans: A PMP certification does expire, but you should take action before that day arrives. The organization that gives the PMP certification allows everyone to keep it active for as long as they want through a three-year renewal cycle.

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