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It is inferred that speaking a foreign language changes your personality. The question that arises in our mind is why a French language course? The beauty of the language lies in the way it is spoken. It makes you an entirely different person.

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Not only is the French language is second most taught and sixth most spoken globally, but 29 countries around the world also speak the French language thus making it the most used tongue on the internet after English. More than 50000 students travel to France for higher studies as it has the most best-ranking research institutions in the world.

The city of dreams, Mumbai has a long history regarding its relationship with France. There are many French language courses in Mumbai that provide international standards which aim to brighten your future in many fields such as education, Travel etc. Learning a French language course will open up avenues in many sectors that are French career assets as well as opportunities to work for France in Mumbai.

Let’s discuss the top institutions that impart French language courses in Mumbai.


“French a global language”


1. Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the leading companies which helps in your career development and competency. It offers resources, technology and benchmark materials in training, skill development, content services and higher education.



The French language course offered will help you to master grammatical ideas to improve your French language skills as well as speaking it fluently.

The French language course offered here will help you to master grammatical ideas that will improve your French language skills as well as speaking it fluently.

 French language course in Mumbai

This curriculum compliance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Key features-

  •       It has a nine-in-one course with a Comprehensive curriculum.
  •       Adding to it are E-Learning and Hackathons.
  •       Recorded Videos
  •       It also offers Gold Membership and training with Projects and Internship.
  •       At the end of the course you will get a Certification.
  •       Placement and career services.
  •       Comprehensive curriculum
  •       There is a 100 % Money-back guarantee.


Level in French language learning

A1: Basic

  •       Duration of the course- 30 HRS
  •       Fees- 8999 INR

Course offers:  A  French Vocabulary building for beginners which includes basic Grammar:

Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Plural, Adjectives.

What more, It will help you to learn greetings in French.

A2: The Upper Beginners Level

Duration of the course 30 Hrs.

Fees– 8999 INR

Course offers: Learn to use Grammar such as Future tenses, Relative pronouns, Comparative/Superlative Sentences, Adverbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, and more. It will help you to make a judgment, comparisons, suggest chronology and more.

B1: Intermediate Level

  •       Duration of the course 40 Hrs
  •       Fees- 11,999 INR

Course offers: reading, listening and writing skills. It will help to structure sentences in French language.

B2:   the upper intermediate level.

  •       Duration of course 40 Hrs
  •       Fees- 11,999 INR


This Course offers French dialects and more complex texts. Moreover it will help to communicate with complicated ideas, write speeches and commercialize.

C1: Advanced Level

  •       Duration of course 40 Hrs
  •       Fees– 14999 INR


Course offers: learning to comprehend longer texts and understand their meaning. It will help to speak French fluently.

C2: Proficiency Level

  •       Duration of the course 40 Hrs
  •       Fees- 14999 INR

The course offers: Capability to read or hear virtually and synthesize any information that is written or oral. It will also help to reconstruct arguments or any account.

Key Features:

The syllabus offered in levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 differs from level from time to time.

Henry Harvin courses are available in all major the cities of india:

Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon

Henry Harvin Also provides these Courses-

2. Cambridge institute

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Cambridge Institute is India’s major foreign language institute for the last 13 years. It offers tailored high-quality content for better learning. It also helps to prepare for DELF exams.


French languages courses


  •       Course offers: Use of simple phrases for basic understanding for everyday expressions to interact. With this one can ask questions as well as answer queries.


  •       Course offers:  Use of simple phrases and frequently used words to communicate everyday activity.

·        B1 – MODERATE

  •       Course offers: It help to comprehend and discuss experiences related to day-to-day life, read plots in books, films in simple language.


  •       Course offers: You to learn more advanced concepts thus will help to interact with native speakers and grasp various aspects of ordinary discussions flawlessly employ emphasis and intonation.


  •       Course offers: You to learn to comprehend advanced concepts on complex issues. In this way it will help you to learn idiomatic expressions, extended speech, improving pronunciation etc.


  •       Course offers: You can learn to deliver fluent, clear, effective discourses that can aid in remembering key ideas and portraying finer shade of meaning associated with difficult topics.

Key features-

  •       Internship Program
  •       Corporate Training with Personal Attention.
  •       Provides free Wi-Fi and a dictionary.

 3. Multibhashi

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Live French classes online

MultiBhashi has a tailored platform for its students who are vernacular in spoken English. Also for those who want to learn for language usage, etiquettes, soft skills and Flexibility which is Cost-effective.


Duration of course and Fees-

  •       1 Class 60 min each Fee ₹ 199
  •       30 Classes 60 min each ₹ 499 
  •       60 Classes 60 min each ₹ 8999


  •       120 Classes 60 min each₹ 16999

Course offers: Learning of Civilization, culture and Foundations of French in France. It will help in basic skills required for greetings in France.

  •       Highly skilled language specialists
  •       Personal Training and Customized by language specialists.
  •       Keep track of your progress.

Key features: 


  •       Trainers are from higher levels (B2) of CEFR will guide you.  
  •       The Curriculum has been designed to Fit Your Schedule
  •       Learn from the greatest professors in India.

4. French ace school (Canada/India/Scotland)

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French Ace is a global leader in French educational branches that was founded in 2012. It is one of the best and univocal leaders in French language learning. And also a consulting institute in the world.

Fees structures varies according to the levels:

  •       A1- 10,990 INR
  •       A2- 12,990 INR

Course offers:

  •       Small sizes batches and 4 Free Classes
  •       Advantage of student friendly policies, free study materials and audio-visual classes.
  •       It will help to prepare for B2 / C1 (DELF, TCFQ, TEF, etc) examination.


For further details check the website.

5. ACE Global Academy

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Its primary aim is to promote modern approaches in foreign language courses in developing skills through speaking, reading, writing and listening modules.

French language learning

The Fees can differ according to the level.

for further details check the website.


Course offers:


It will help you to grasp the use of common phrases, that are used in everyday expressions, self-introduction. In addition, It can improve your speaking skills that can help to answer personal queries and communication with others. You can read the signboard, menus and complete forms essential for documentation. 







Key features:

   Expert trainers for preparation of modules on reading listening, writing and speaking which can help in international examinations on languages.    

6. Institute of English & Foreign Languages

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One of the most affordable Institution IEFL was established in 1974 by Mr. David Prabhakar Sighamony. It motivates students to break communication barriers through its high-quality language instructions and experienced staffs.

language learning in French


Mode of Payment is through cheque details given in site  

Courses offered: European languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

  •       Asian languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese
  •       Russian, and Turkish.

Key features

  •       Certified registration by The Government of India Certified to ISO 9001:2015.
  •       Online classes, offline training
  •       Flexible classes in weekdays as well as in weekends
  •       Classes conducted by qualified and experienced trainers.

10. Alliance Francaise


Alliance Française has maintained its highest international standards in teaching the French language. A strong relationship has developed as a result of long and illustrious history and the relationship between France and the city



Office Timings are:  from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

  • Weekends(sat) 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
  • 1:00pm to 1:30pm (office closed daily)



1.      What are the different levels of the French Language Course? 

A French-language course has 6 different CEFR levels:
Elementary A1 and A2 which is Basic User level.
Intermediate B1 and B2 is independent user level
Advanced C1and C2 is Proficient User level.

2.  What is CEFR and how it determines language ability?

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR is a standard to determines language ability on an international level. In French language course level B2 in CEFR is considered as fluent. If you learn up to this level you will have the ability to give detailed opinions on a wide range of topics.

3.  What is DELF and DALF?

The French Ministry of Education issues French language course diplomas – DELF and DALF. This gives a lifetime official validation on French learning.
DELF covers up to the upper intermediate level A1, A2, B1, B2. DALF covers level C1 and C2.
These diplomas are recognized worldwide for learning in schools, Universities as French language background as well as in immigration, work or study in French speaking countries.

4.      How useful are French learning courses in Mumbai?

Every year more than 50000 students from India go to France to study in various universities. French being a widely spoken language around the world. Thus learning a French language course in Mumbai will open more avenues at international levels. As Mumbai has become a hub for commerce, technology, pharma thus making it a desirable city.   Moreover command over the language will help enroll in most prestigious universities in France.

5.      Can a student with a starting level of knowledge enroll in the B1-B2 level of French language course?

Yes, if you have the knowledge of fundamental comprehension and skills of speaking and writing complex text then you can join B1-B2 of intermediate-level course.

6.      If I intend to speak or write to friends or travel to France, what should I prefer?

 A Crash course for 30 days, A1 level or Online sessions can help.

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