There is a continuing emphasis on learning content writing skills by operations professionals. They are advised to gain hands-on experience in developing these skills for various writing needs such
as: organizing data, writing reports and proposals, making introductions, preparing updates, project coordination emails, editing and drafting of group documents, etc.Why is content writing skill so important for operations professionals?
Let’s see below:
Benefits of Content Writing Skill for Operations Professionals

1. Skill Required by Recruiters
Operations professionals are required to have content writing skills when a description, explanation or instruction on a particular subject is felt necessary. As employees know the relevance of content writing, they assess this skill during recruitment of candidates for operations management.

2.  Employee Retention
A study by an HR magazine showed that 46% the employees interviewed received unclear or confusing instructions. On the other hand, a Watson Wyatt study showed that content writing skill reduces employee turnover by 50 %. As a lot of   human resource disputes are caused by miscommunication, employee retention can clearly increase because of content writing skills.

3.  A Necessity and  Privilege
As verbal communication is not always understood by people, written explanations or instructions are necessary. Sometimes, operations professionals need to communicate with people who are not in face to face situations. This is a situation where written communication is essential which is way better than telephonic communication in most of the cases.

4. Simplifies the Complex
This skill is extremely important as operations professionals need to simplify jargons, technicalities and complex operations into documents understandable by a non-technical personThey need content writing skill for each aspect of operation or industry where difficult ideas, concepts, procedures or processes need to be simplified into comprehensible content.

5. Seamless Process Implementation
As you need to co-operate with others, content writing skills tremendously help you in your roles including creation of documents like product catalogs, operation manuals, and how-to guides. With this skill, you can write short, simple messages, and help other people get your message with clarity. And, this understanding leads to smooth implementation of the work process.

6.Enhance Outcomes
Operations professionals do a lot of different kinds of roles on a daily basis, and their job requires good writing skills. Effective written communication is critical factor for operation professionals to facilitate achievement of outputs and outcomes.

7.Connects with Stakeholders
Operations professionals work with all kinds of stakeholders in their business. They have to manage their subordinates, coordinate with the management team besides connecting with customers. As they devote much of their time to people like customers or clients, third-party vendors, employees, and potential candidates, content writing skill help them in different ways including individual meetings, group presentations, and email communications.  It has been frequently observed that operations professionals with effective content writing skills are better able to deal with different types of people of all levels.

8. Inevitable for the Digital World
In today’s digital age, operations professionals should have competence in digital content writing including social media. They are expected to understand the channels the companies use to be in touch with customers, and also do the content writing pertaining to product delivery delays, or faults in products etc.Operations professionals write many reports and do a lot of research on the market, competitors, and consumers. Writing a good investigation reports would not be possible without content writing skills.
Most product manufacturers, software companies and service industries have been looking for operations professionals with very good content writing skills. If you are a strong candidate and are still willing to learn this skill as per changing needs and demands, a wonderful future is waiting for you.

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What are the future possibilities of job after learning Content Writing?

Content writer, Creative Writer, Copy writer, Script Writer, Technical Writer, Ghost Writer, Editor, Freelancer, Blogger.

What are the readability principles of the content writing?

The Readability principles are:
1- Use active voice
2- Use short sentence
3- Use correct grammar
4- Follow inverted pyramid model
5- Use simple words

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