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Well, you have come to the right place to search for your answer.

Things To Do During Your Summer Holidays

1.  Learn new hobbies and skills

There is a lot of time during summer holidays where one can take up an interesting skill and hobby and learn new things from it.

Cooking, Painting, Dancing, Reading a book , Learning a new foreign language,  Playing Musical Instruments, Learning Magic,  Attending summer programs like the Henry Harvin Teen MBA and Junior MBA course which i am doing nowadays.  These are few of the most distinctive, fun and entertaining activities which a teenager can do in the summer.

2. Sports!

This is the perfect time for teenagers to follow their passion and build their interest towards sports.

Not only do sports keep you healthy, they also refresh your mood and removes your worries and problems for a long time.

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My favorite sport is Football. What is yours?

Try out water sports such as Swimming, Surfing, Boating, Jet Skiing , Parasailing to cool yourself down in the scorching heat.

3. Family time

Spare some hours and spend it with your family by playing cards, board games, dumb charades, watching movies together etc.

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Spending time with your family will create new bonds and might even create life long memories !

4. Exercise

Exercising daily for atleast 30 minutes will improve your physical appearance, your strength and stamina. You will become faster, stronger and fitter by the end of your holidays.

Doing Jogging, Push ups, Pull ups, Sit ups, Plank, Jumping Jacks are some of the most common and easy exercises which one can do anywhere at anytime.

Yoga alone has so many advantages which one cannot even think of. It

  • increases flexibility.
  • increases muscle strength and tone.
  • improves respiration, energy and vitality.
  • maintains a balanced metabolism.
  • reduce weight
    • maintains cardio and circulatory health.
  • improves athletic performance.
  • protects you from injury.

5. Learn about Nature and your surroundings

I know this may sound boring at first but trust me, facts about nature will truly blow your mind.

Learning about nature isn’t all theoretical. You can try and grow various plants or flowers all by yourself, distinguish between different types of seed, start gardening and practice horticulture.


adventurous trips

You can go on adventurous trips and camps with your friends in summer. From my point of view, no teenager would deny a fun, dangerous and amusing adventure with their best friends.

Tripadvisor | Kashmir Trekking provided by Srinagar Tourism Tour ...

Trekking and Mountain climbing are the most exciting activities during summer.

7. Study

Last but not the least, study is equally important as any other activity.

Many teenagers often don’t study during summer holidays, which impacts their results later.

You should study and try to get ahead of your class and acquire more and more knowledge day by day.

7 tips to help you study smarter, not harder | this.

You can make study interesting by attending summer programs especially for teenagers like the Henry Harvin Teen MBA and Junior MBA course.

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