Casually flipping through some social media posts and you suddenly see something worth stopping and reading! What made you pause? 

More often than not, it is an eye-catching graphic that halted your scrolling and prompted you to read and react.

“Besides humanizing your product, graphics help you connect with your clients and turn leads into customers. Good visual content is fodder for inquisitive minds and can narrate an entire story without speaking a word.”

– Manish Jain, Graphic Designer.

Plain text can be boring. Are you ready to spice up your content game with stunning visuals? Here are some tools to increase content engagement: 

Tool#1: Canva

Visually appealing content that is both informative and useful is always appreciated. Even if you lack experience in graphic designing, you can enhance the aesthetics of your content with Canva that allows you to create staggering visual content.

Just choose from a wide array of Canva’s templates and create images for your presentations, infographics, posters, social media accounts, etc.

Tool#2: Unsplash

What if you could download and use high-resolution images free of cost? Sounds great, doesn’t it! Spectacular visual content is available for use as your content background or blog titles on Unsplash. 

Visit to find loads of images that will help you create a professional-looking post for free.

Tool#3: Infogram 

Infographics have become vastly popular today, thanks to their ability to present wholesome information in a charming way. The flat design trend has left readers looking for more. 

Infogram is a great tool to satiate viewers’ hunger for engaging and interactive infographics. Connect your data sources to charts, infographics, and visualizations on Infogram and display them on your content in real-time.

Tool#4: Infographic Video Maker

What if you went a step ahead with infographics? Yes, I can do it with animated infographics. Infographic Video Maker allows you to create staggering animated infographics that you can embed in your content. It can’t get better than this.

Tool#5: Venngage 

Venngage is an online graphic-design tool that offers customizable graph templates for social media marketing and business content. You can create posters, brochures, social media posts, sales reports, presentations, white papers that look professional and refined.

Tool#6: Easelly

Infographic designing can be taxing but it is worth the pain as it boosts the readability of your content. offers several ready-to-use templates that you can edit the way you like and position your text or image symmetrically.

Tool#7: CloudApp

GIFs get your message across quickly and are easier to create. Add a dash of humor and you’ll be able to position your business spot on.

CloudApp offers several GIF-making tools that help you to make animated GIFS.  

According to Forbes, 1 Billion GIFs are shared each day. Besides a top choice for displaying pop-culture trends, GIFs are being used by marketers to connect with customers. 

Tool#8: EZGIF

EZGIF is an exciting tool that creates GIFS for images that you upload. Edit the size and order of these images and add effects to make your content pop.

Tool#9: Camtasia

“According to a report by HubSpot, people are likely to retain only 10% of the information that they hear, but if an on-point image comes aboard with that information, the retaining capacity increases to 65%.”

– Sushma Sharma, Website Designer.

Video content is the most viewed form of content on the digital medium. If you want to record high- quality videos, use Camtasia. After recording, the video is divided into separate editable audio, video, and microphone tracks.

Add special effects like dialogue boxes, arrows, and highlights to create stunning videos for your website. 

Tool#10: Animoto

Want to make professional-quality videos for social media? Animoto offers storyboard templates that you can easily use to create engaging video content. If you don’t want to use templates, just get creative and use its blank canvas to design a video from scratch.

Tool#11: Visage 

This tool helps you create optimized images for social media platforms. The templates allow you to maintain the consistency of your brand across all networking platforms. 

Use the editable designs to update and modify graphics to your liking.


“In the world of internet marketing, visual content is pure gold. An attractive and relevant graphic inspires you to read more. No wonder, content writers incorporate visual content to foster a relationship with their target audience. Use these powerful multi-media tools to create engaging visual content and boost your social media engagement.”

– Kounal Gupta, CEO, Henry Harvin Education.

What are multimedia tools?

The word “multimedia” is composed of “multi” and “media”, which refers to content that uses a combination of different forms. These forms can be text, still images, audios, videos or animations. Sometimes they are not just gathered together, but well-integrated employing computer technologies.

Types of Multimedia tools?

To create stunning visuals and graphics internet is overloaded with options, however, some of the most used tools are: canva – provide free templates & graphics, Unsplash – provides high-resolution images free of cost, Infogram – it provides engaging and interactive infographics. Venngage , Easelly, CloudApp etc are worth mentioning

How multi media tools helps in content engagement?

Good visual content is fodder for inquisitive minds and can narrate an entire story without speaking a word. More often than not, it is an eye-catching graphic that halt’s your scrolling and prompt you to read and react. Multimedia tools help in creating such content through graphics, videos, audios etc

What are the benefits of using multi media tools?

This is very user-friendly. It is a multi-sensory. It is a comprehensive and interactive, the possibility of interaction and easy feedback are greatly increased. It is flexible. It can be used for a variety of audiences, ranging from one person to the whole group.

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