The content is the king! It illuminates, captivates, teaches, and provides utility. Because content creation is the driving force of digital marketing today, offering valuable material is one of the most important things you can do to attract clients and engage your business audience.

Content writing courses enable students, homemakers, marketers, and the unemployed to find new employment prospects immediately following the end of their courses. Learn the 8 reasons to do a Content writing course.

Top Institutions for Content Writing Course

Content Writers are and have always been in great demand. A career in content writing and a Content Writing Certification course brings limitless opportunities and challenges. Colleges and universities have no to very few courses that teach you the variation and skills of content writing in the era of the internet. Career a Content Writing is very competitive and excellent Writers are earning more than INR 1 lakh to 3 lakh per month easily. There are numerous examples available today, where successful Writers have made a fortune out of their professions.

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Let’s take a look at these 8 reasons why you should do a Content Writing Certification:


1 Henry Harvin

Rated: 4.8

Henry Harvin’s content writing certification has topped the list of the best content writing courses in India since it attempts to provide candidates with 100 per cent practical knowledge.

The digital course offers a well-defined curriculum that emphasises all parts of content writing and teaches participants how to articulate their thoughts in writing.

Numerous students enrolled in Henry Harvin’s Content Writer Courses are already reaping various advantages. This course will assist you in becoming leaders.

In addition, renowned media such as Hindustan Times, Statesman, Hans India, Business World, The Pioneer, and leading networks such as Aaj Tak and News India recognise the institute’s excellence and originality.

Important aspects of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course include:


  • Includes Business Writing, Technical Writing, Medical Writing, Social Media Writing, SEO Writing, Book Writing, and other content kinds.
  • Obtain your Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) certification from Henry Harvin Education, affiliated with the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, and the Content Writing Association in India.
  • Offers 32 hours of training, 24 hours of refresher sessions, and 50 hours of e-Learning access with great instructors having at least a decade of expertise.
  • The program teaches technical know-how to develop basic websites and personal blogs and graphic design abilities to make newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, logos, etc.
  • It will also assist you in designing an effective content strategy to reach your target audience and define the persona of your content’s target audience.
  • Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, etc., as well as 12+ IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, and 7+ IITs, including IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi, have confidence in the institute.
  • Adopting a high-quality content writing course in the Delhi-National Capital Region is providing additional employment opportunities for young people, thereby performing an excellent job.


Contact no: 9015266266

Content writing training cost: 15000

2. Opens Global Opportunities-

A Content Writing Certification will provide you recognition not only in your country but overseas. Today there is a need for a writer in every industry. The writing industry is growing day by day. There are numerous companies from all around the world who have started outsourcing individuals and organisations in India to fulfil their content requirements. A Content Writing Certification provides your career with new opportunities. It helps you in developing your skills and markets your resume. Such courses also provide various regular or freelance projects, internships, and placements.

2. Increases Career Prospects- Content Writing Certification not only helps you in becoming a content writer but opens an array of other opportunities. For example, it teaches you to write content for websites, marketing deposits such as advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, emails, newsletter, leaflets etc. It develops your skills for Blog writing, Academic writing, SEO writing, Content Writing for Social Media, press releases, research papers, General and Business Content, Copywriting etc.  You can work for newspapers, magazines or periodicals etc.

3. Gateway to other opportunities apart from regular jobs
Doing a Content Writing Certification will not only help you in getting new job opportunities but it opens a huge gateway towards many other opportunities.  Many professionals, individuals, and small businesses want to maintain a blog and many of them outsource the writing to a content writer for the same. You can either take up these opportunities or consider a blog for yourself and your friends, for the alumni of schools, colleges, and organizations etc.

4. Makes you ready as a Freelance Content Writer
Freelance Writers are as much as in demand as the exclusive writers. The demand is abundant for freelance Writers and it is only going to increase. Also working as a freelancer is a good option since you are paid for every word. Well, reputed publishing houses hire creative Writers to write books, articles etc. and they are paid according to the contract. Moreover, a freelance writer gets full flexibility and complete independence. You can choose by yourself the nature of projects you would like to work on. There is no pressure of working for a fixed number of hours per day. You can start a side business as well. You can also take care of other responsibilities without compromising your income.

5. Potentially Lucrative Income- The Content Writing Certification course teaches all kinds of tips and tricks to write better and once you become excellent with your writing skills, your pay scale increases automatically. The remuneration in this field varies with the type of creative writing which may vary according to the type and size of organization you are working with. But once you start writing as a professional writer and keep improving your skills, the pay scale has no limits.

6. Editing- After becoming a writer you can step up into the field of Editing. You can become an efficient Editor after having extensive experience in writing and excellent command over the language. Also, to become an Editor, you should have some basic knowledge of your industry, which you will get to know through the Writing Certification. Editors proofread the content and also decide if it meets the requirement and standards of the organization. The Editors are paid really well, hence this a great career option that comes after being a Writer. Their compensation depends on the experience and their organization. Thus, there is no limit for recognized Writers in this field.

7. Boosts up Confidence
Enrolling into a Content Writing Certification boosts up your confidence. You get to learn so many new things that it automatically lifts up your confidence. You get to attend seminars, meet-ups and get training from renowned Writers who have years and years of experience. They teach you skills that no one else can teach you.

8. Exposes to the world of knowledge- Certification gives you ample space for learning. It brushes up your skills and improves your language. Such courses help in exposing Writers to a world of knowledge. It engages them in research and development of content that suits the needs of various projects. It drives their intellectualism gaining a new learning experience each and every day.

Thus, if you want to become a writer, enrol in a Content Writing Certification to brush up your language skills and kick-start your writing career today.


Newcent Training Academy is a private, specialised professional training academy in Delhi that provides a variety of professional courses. The courses are designed to assist students in acquiring advanced skills and becoming more effective at satisfying industry requirements.

The content writing certification offers practical and skill-based information that helps individuals advance in their current positions or obtain new ones.

Most NTA’s courses are offered via Distance Learning to reach and empower students regardless of their geographical location, although others are also offered in person at specified locations.

Key aspects of the course include:

  • Describes how to deliver exhaustive information while adhering to the word limit
  • It will help you determine the appropriateness of using a direct statement vs relying on inference.
  • Master the art of making your point quickly, delivering your punch lines, and selling without selling.
  • Examines a variety of content writing tools and conducts practice writing sessions.

Contact no: 09891120492

10 ECT

The Indian Government has accredited ECT as India’s content writing training institute. The course strives to provide lifelong support, individualised attention and feedback, internship opportunities, and numerous interactive sessions.

A Content writing certification from ECT will advance your career and enable you to publish with assurance. To improve your writing skills, you need a well-designed course and knowledgeable instructors; no one is better than ETC.

This Content writing training is ideal for you if you’re seeking internship and employment prospects in India, as the sessions are very interactive, and the lecturers provide invaluable advice.

Key aspects of the course include:

  • Course spanning 3 months with 32 hours of classroom/live instruction and 50 hours of e-learning and helpful videos
  • With 7 assignments, 5 live projects, 10 quizzes, 1 test, and 2 certifications, you will acquire a great deal of practical information and become a skilled writer.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Guaranteed work-from-home employment options

Contact no: 78279-16060


Organization helps aspiring Use technologies that work together, like Google Ads, Bing accreditation, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. writers learn the fundamentals of content writing and develop successful plans for the future of their careers. They work with the industry’s leading writers, who have supported several websites in reaching the top of search engine results.

Web Training India provides the greatest help in content writing training, enabling the applicant to generate client-focused, engaging content.

Key aspects of the Content writing certification include:

  • A great deal of focus is placed on digital content absorption. Therefore, the kids are taught about web tools.
  • Develop methods to meet diverse digital marketing challenges while staying current with the continual evolution of the internet.
  • Utilise complementary technologies like Google Ads, Bing accreditation, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.
  • In addition to marketing, students are instructed extensively in advertising.
  • Receive projects instantly upon course completion and earn money from home.

Telephone: 9871430039


This institute offers Content writing certification. They offer the most well-known content writing courses: the ideal combination of content writing and online marketing, which is incredibly challenging and rewarding work.

Travelling to the university is optional because the education is offered exclusively online. Skills Upgrader ranks highly due to its superior academics and student-centred approach.

The training is designed for undergraduates, business professionals, skilled workers, and homemakers. Receive projects instantly upon course completion and earn money from home.

Critical aspects of the course include:

  • A course with professional instructors and lifetime support
  • The training is meant to benefit participants from all walks of life.
  • Members receive free content authoring and digital marketing tools valued at INR 40,000.
  • The duration of the manual labour is seventy hours. Not only are the 16 hours of classroom teaching cerebral, but they are also engaging and thrilling.
  • The online course includes 16 hours (four weeks) of live classroom teaching and a quick master certification.

Contact no: 9034229196

Top Institute to deliver a content writing course?

Henry Harvin Education is the top institute to deliver a content writing course. It has the hallmark of CDCW certification. It is government recognized. It has a series of affiliations and accreditation. They have the best pedagogical method. Though they have a well-established brand name their fee structure is very low as compared to theirs. They have the best trainers working for them. Let’s Know more-

Content Writing Course

Content Writing Course is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content. Henry Harvin provides you the best platform to explore more in content writing. Content should contain keywords that aim towards improving a website’s SEO. Henry Harvin guides you with the core concepts of content writing and SEO that will help you to publicize your brand.

Medical Writing Course

Medical writing course gives you the ability to write the latest scientific documents that entail clinical research documents, healthcare content, health magazines, journals, and health news. Henry Harvin gives you a better understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing that alludes to writing documents for regulatory agencies which seek approval for devices,drugs. It elucidates the research inference. Henry Harvin gives you 360-degree insights in this course to expedite your performance.

Technical Writing Course

Technical writing is the drafting of technical documents. It is used in technical fields like computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology. Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course helps you to comprehend technical documentation. Moreover, it will also inculcate different tools like authoring Tools, Screen capturing tools, Image Editing tools, etc. for the expedition of knowledge.

Research Writing Course

Research writing course comprises the models which impart necessary knowledge for the learners. Henry Harvin helps you to conduct effective research to indite research reports.

You can create catchy introductions in research writing that can hook readers’ attention. Moreover, trainers will help to comprehend the methods and result in sections of research. 

Apart from Henry Harvin education from where we can learn the content writing course?

The other option for learning online content writing course are Udemy and Coursera

nd gigs at same time without someone breathing down your neck and bossing you around to complete your task.

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  1. Very well and organised post and after learning content writing certification courses at HENRY HARVIN institute, I was able to use the knowledge I gained and apply it to the company I work at. I am able to modernize my company’s content writing structure and bring brand new ideas to the table.

  2. The thing I loved the most about content writing courses was the way it was organized to lead you into writing. It was a great start for any writer trying to break it into the content writing field, and it was very concise and interesting. Highly recommended .

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  4. The course of content writing certification from the institute of the HENRY HARVIN helped me in practice to learn how to work as a writer, and psychologically to overcome my fears. Totally worth the money and the time. Now, I am a freelance writer with four good clients

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