Money, money, money must be funny in the rich man’s world! ( sang by ABBA)

Yes, we all want to earn money. Students want to earn their pocket money, and working people want to make extra bucks to fulfill their dreams, the unfortunate degree holders who are yet to stumble upon a suitable job wish to earn their living as soon as possible and housewife retired people want to utilize their free time in a better way. If it is possible from the comfort of our homes, that is even better.

Folks, there are many avenues open for all of us to earn a dignified living. Lets read through to know about them.

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Do You Want To Make Money Online Without Investment?

Sounds interesting. Read through to find out 15 different ways to earn money online without any investment and that too legitimately.

1. Freelance Graphic Or Web Designer

You can earn money online by being a freelancer. You can be your boss and select a field that suits your aptitude. If you are good at designing, you can try getting work from big and small companies. You can provide graphic designing and web designing services.

If you like to spend more time with your computer and know how to code, you can start designing websites and make money online. If you do not have designing knowledge but have an interest, there are numerous apps on the net which can help you out. I would suggest spending a few weeks designing a WordPress website as it is one of the easiest. And once you acquire some tricks and learn about some source from where you can get pictures or other content, you can earn money designing websites and maintaining them for your clients.

Another way is to become a graphic designer. In simple words, it deals with editing images. Usually, we do edit our pictures for fun or gaining that extra ‘likes’ on our profile pictures. You can start with logo design, illustrations, books, and album covers, web and mobile design, social media covers, banner ads, photoshop editing, Infographic design, presentation design, etc. There are several apps like Canva, Picstart, Adobe photoshop, and so on, to help you edit images aesthetically.

2. Digital Marketing

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One of the booming sectors in the freelance job is digital marketing. You can create a company of your own if you are lucky enough.

Because of the tech revolution in recent years, several big and small companies want to market their products online. The digital world provides a bigger platform for selling their products.

However, most of people do not have the idea of marketing their stuff online. This creates an opportunity for these digital marketers to chip in and earn a handsome remuneration.

But to become successful digital marketing personnel, you need to learn the nuances of the trade. That is again, quite easy. You can enroll yourself into one of those thousands of organizations which provide a degree in digital marketing. Of course, you need to do some research regarding these institutes before investing in the course. You also need to upgrade yourself regularly with the latest happenings in the world of marketing.

3. Stock Trading

If you have the heart to take risks, is not affected by a loss, or do not become ecstatic on gaining profit, then stock trading is the right choice.

This online business can help you earn a fortune, but it depends enormously on your personality. You should be gifted with a logical thinking capacity, the ability to take calculated risks, the capability to curb your greed at times, and an innate capacity to learn something positive from your experiences.

Other than strong personality traits, you certainly need knowledge. The digital world is full of organizations that offer courses on stock trading. You can enroll yourself in one of those. You can also gain information and learn other trade tricks from experts who conduct webinars and seminars often to share their knowledge and experiences. There are news channels like CNBC, Zee Business, etc., who regularly provide you with the required information. You can open your Demat account with Zerodha, Upstox, or any of your banks like HDFC, ICICI, etc.

4. Blogging

We all love to express our thoughts. So why not earn money while communicating our minds. You can create a website and start posting articles, pictures, or videos related to any topic of your choice. 

You can start earning money once people start reading your blogs or get interested in your posts. Get your blog approved by Google AdSense for more visibility and income.

Be as creative as possible, and showcase your skills optimally. You need to be patient and lose hope as it takes time initially to earn money online through blogging. But once you start earning, it is a continuous process and you can see money flowing in even when you are sleeping.

To learn more about successful blogging, you can do some short-term online courses and gain knowledge on how to promote your blog, how to make it more attractive, and the topics which fascinate people.

5. Content Writing

If you are good in English and pretty confident about your grammatical skills, then content writing is one of the most rewarding online route to earning money. Writing good articles is time-consuming and requires a lot of research, but they can help you make a lot.

However, you need to learn the technicalities of writing good content, attracting clients, and developing a good profile for yourself.  You can write articles, abstracts, copyrights, advertisements, white papers, scripts, web content, and so on.

To become a successful content writer and earn money online, you need to make a small one-time investment in the form of enrolling yourself in a course. You can earn for each word that you write. There are few websites like Freelance writing, Upwork, iWriter, from where you can start your writing career, and once you gain experience, you can get work with higher remuneration. 

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6. Online Teaching

Imparting education is an evergreen occupation and is an excellent opportunity to earn money online. If you are an experienced teacher or you have the required degrees or even if you do not have a degree but an in-depth knowledge about your subject, you can start teaching online and make money. You can reach out to students both in your own country as well as abroad.

There are websites like Unacademy, Udemy, Cuemaths, etc., who give a chance to skilled academicians to impart education to eager students. They offer lucrative remuneration to eligible candidates.

You can even start your own online mentoring business with a basic setup and earn money online. One of the most popular ways to earn money online through online tutoring is to teach English as a foreign language ( TEFL) to non-native English speakers worldwide. You only need a TEFL certification.

For further details, you can go through

7. Affiliate Marketing

It is like running a retail shop. You advertise those items which you use or have a positive opinion about, on social networking sites, and help buyers to select the right product.

Online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Cj, have affiliate marketing options, you can fill out your details and flaunt any product of your choice on Facebook or any other public/social forum. For every purchase following your link, you earn an affiliate commission. The commission varies from 4% to 20%.

If you have your website, you can advertise the products there. You need to work hard initially to learn the tricks and places where you can put up your ad. Affiliate marketing is gaining momentum at present due to a surge in online shopping.  Still, if you require any kind of guidance, you can search the net, which is brimming with such videos and information on affiliate marketing, which shall help you become an efficacious affiliate marketing personnel.

8. Providing Virtual Assistance

This is more like acting as a personal assistant virtually and making money online. There are many solopreneurs who need help in managing their office work. They may also be working online so they prefer virtual assistants because they do not want to spend money on office space and other related expenses.

The virtual assistants do a variety of jobs like:

  • Doing research work
  • Replying to emails
  • Writing and publishing content or ad copies
  • Proofreading and sometimes moderating comments or feedback
  • Counseling
  • Marketing and coding
  • Website & app development

There are a no. of guides to help master the skills of a virtual assistant. There are scores of websites that provide an opportunity for getting hired as a virtual assistant. Some of the companies are HireMyMom, Mytasker, uAssistMe, etc. Providing virtual assistance is an easy way to earn money online for people who are qualified but due to some reasons are not able to go and work outside.

9. Consultancy Services Online

Anyone with a core competitive skill can become a consultant. For example, if you have good knowledge about finance, you can start your consultancy services online, advising on financial matters to your clients through some online meeting app.

To become a consultant online you have to acquire knowledge about some subjects. You don’t need to be proficient in your domain, but at the same time, your understanding of the subject should be more than your client’s. And preferably, you need to open a website.

To be a good consultant you must choose a topic about which you have good knowledge and practical experience. Learn from everywhere, and in all situations, because all kinds of experiences, both success, and failure, have something to teach you. As a consultant, you can earn quite well. You can quote a price for your advice on per hourly basis. The people who gain fame in the business can earn thousands per hour.

10. Buying And Selling Domains

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You may not start earning immediately, but if lady luck smiles on you, you will make a good profit without any hassle.

In this particular online business, you need to buy a domain (say from GoDaddy) and then wait till someone wants to acquire that particular domain name and approaches you to sell that. You need to buy a domain which you feel is universal and will be in demand shortly. If you are fortunate, a big company might come up with the same domain name and negotiate with you to sell your domain to them. There you can crack a good deal.

This is not a regular source of income, but nonetheless provides money in clusters.

11. Hosting A Webinar

A webinar is the same as a seminar but held digitally. The world is vast and people with wisdom and experience are plenty, but more than these, some learners want to gain knowledge. If you feel that you have something to offer to these learners, you can do so by hosting a webinar on a particular topic. There are many such sites (Zoom, Microsoft teams, Instant teleseminar, etc.) that can host a webinar for you.

There are specific steps to host a webinar:

  • First, you need to decide on a relevant topic and is of certain value for ordinary people.
  • Then you need to prepare on the subject to make it interesting, attractive, and worthy to be attended. (Your aim should be to satisfy your listeners)
  • Chalk out a schedule and a curriculum if applicable
  • Promote your webinar on social media, emails, SMS, digital advertisement sites
  • You can charge an appropriate fee for your session. (But I would suggest that you host few free seminars before you start charging so that you can earn fame and people will be willing to pay to attend your session)

The bottom line is that you can make money online by hosting webinars, but should be delivering something worthwhile.

12. Generating Income From YouTube

This has become a profitable business of late. You can make money online with just an appropriate video that is liked by people. Youtubers sometimes become sensations, especially with young children. But before you start recording, you need to acquaint yourself with some simple information regarding video editing and stuff. These pieces of information are readily available on the net.

Do a little bit of market research and finalize the thrust area.

Usually, people love something which is entertaining or something which increases their general knowledge. Something awkward or bizarre also appeals to the audience. You just need to think out of the box to tempt your audience to go crazy and like or subscribe to your video. Once you get enough likes, you start earning steadily. But you need to keep the quality of your subsequent videos up to the mark to keep your audience or fans hooked and earn good money.

13. Make Money From Facebook Or Instagram

If you are a famous personality and have a good fan following on Facebook or Instagram, you can earn about 10,000-20,000 rupees for one post on Facebook. Your fan base acts as an asset in this case. People in the entertainment and fashion industry earn in this way. Even a post on their Instagram page is monetized. Some such Instagram profiles are StoryPick, Bhaksala, Gabbar Singh, and the likes.

For long-term business on Facebook, you need to grow your friends’ list to the extent that brands come to promote their product on your page, remember this is different from advertisements. But you can also host advertisements on your page. However, you need to study thoroughly how to get ads posted on your page. There are other ways as well, just go through all kinds of expert advice and short-term courses on the net to explore the various ways to earn money through Facebook or Instagram. You should give this option a try.

14. Taking Paid Surveys

You must have heard of surveys, and maybe you have been a part of some surveys. But do you know there are companies, especially market research companies who pay you to take up their surveys online?

Paid surveys do not pay you enormously, but they are moderate and you can make that extra buck. However, many companies are frauds and you should have sound background knowledge of the companies before you pay them to take an online survey.

Here is a list of trustworthy companies where you can get work without paying them.

Once you start working with them you will understand their style and deliver your job accordingly.

15. Create an E-Book

If you are a good writer or is planning to pen down a book, then this option is for you. Write a marvelous book on an interesting topic and design it appealingly. Add pictures, animations and make it flashy. Write something which addresses the problems of humans or anything which instigates different emotions, or maybe it augments the knowledge base of people, in a nutshell, the topic of your book should be worth reading.

Once you have written it and edited/decorated it you can start selling it on Amazon, Google Books, etc. As soon as people take an interest and start reading your book, you start earning. You can also promote your eBook on related blogging sites.

To Sum Up

The above list of options is not exhaustive. There are a few more ways. So do some reading and opt for the most advantageous way to earn money online.

What are the advantages of making money online

  • It saves you the hassle of traveling to the office at a particular time.
  • You can work for any entity situated anywhere in the world without physically being present there.
  • No office politics, so you are more focused.
  • You take up work which suits you.
  • No wastage of time
  • Age is not a bar

However, there is a significant disadvantage when you are impatient to earn money online easily without much research. Numerous scamsters and frauds are waiting to grab you. They have lucrative offers and convincing profiles. Once you fall prey to your greed, you are caught.

So be patient, do your homework well, get your skills upgraded, and explore your potentials before zeroing down on any of the options cited above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What are some of the ways to Earn Money Online?

There are various ways to earn money online like:
Build your website as per your interest and promote or advertise other’s products
You can provide online real estate services.
Do some freelancing jobs.
Become a blogger

Q-2. How to earn 1000 rupees per day?

Become a stock marketer
Register with a freelance platform like Fiverr or Upwork
Pick a skill like writing or video editing, graphic designing and sell it online

Q-3. Is it safe to pay some money to get work online?

Online jobs are pretty risky, so you need to do a thorough review before paying any sum. Moreover, there are plenty of free options available online, from where you can make money, so it is better to go for free jobs.

Q-4. Can we earn money by answering questions?

Yes, you may earn some money answering questions if you have expertise in that area. But the earning is quite marginal, and you cannot get rich by doing it.

Q-5. How much money can be earned by working online?

No fixed amount can be earned. It depends on the kind of work and your potential. If you are successful enough, you can make huge money.


Money is one of the most essential items for survival. We all dream of a career which is trouble-free and, at the same time, satisfies our interest and aptitude. This article cites the different ways by which you can earn money online. These all methods are very much in practice nowadays, so you need to work on your core competencies before you try out any of these options. There are various short-term online courses, podcasts, videos, and expert advice that help you polish your knowledge. Other websites offer you employment in different domains and give a start to your career. You need to be as creative as possible so that you can move ahead of your competitors.


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