How does Six Sigma benefit an operations Management Professionaln in 2021? [Updated]

Operations Management deals with the depiction, management, supply and delivery of products, procedures and promptness to the customers in meeting their demands. Six Sigma is a popular operations management tool that helps managers improves the efficiency of their operational procedures.

An approach by an organisation to Six Sigma tools like data and statistics helps in developing decent employment infra-structure and relative bonding among them thus reducing staff turnover ratio, it assists in various aspects like operation size, location and infra-structural layouts which affect the efficiency of the operations.

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SIX Sigma emphasizes on brain storming which is active participation of all employees within the organisation , a defined process where each work in measured and analysed , it strives in developing processes which strives on continuous improvement.

Companies which are with Six Sigma Certification find it relatively easy to prioritize work in quality to ensure return on investment, it ensures that all decisions are based on concrete data in hands; it provides formalised training to managers to gain expertise in their fields and create benchmarks for competitive environment in the business and within the organisation.

The concepts and various phenomenon’s behind Six are majorly recognized as an effective trigger for improving business performance. Six Sigma Black Belt can be adopted to improvise strategy and overall management procedures. Six Sigma tools like cause and effect relation , data measurement system , performance calculator are beneficial in analysing success level and cause of failures.

The strategic deployment of management procedures like Six Sigma Master Black Belt is useful to road map the customized based approach towards each organization’s goals and objectives, characteristics of culture, nature of processes, and background and skills of employees; and the existing infrastructure and management systems.

Let’s now see under the top 5 benefits of Six Sigma offers to employers , employees towards effective running of business :-

  1. It ensures maximum use of space under limited resources.
  2. It ensures compatibility between technology and material mix.
  3. It benefits in minimum movement of men and material and proper utilisation of work force.
  4. It provides an arrangement of staking stores as per utilisation.
  5. It ensures un-biased supervision towards staff.
  6. Proper lighting and ventilation
  7. Adopting statistical thinking towards quality
  8. Reward and recognition of success
  9. Minimum handling of materials
  10. Flexibility to accommodate changes in production volume and product mix
  11. What is Six Sigma?

Introduced by American engineer Bill Smith of Motorola company in 1986. Six Sigma aimed to improve business processes by using different set of tools and techniques. It causes reduction in the defects, improvement of the profit, enhancement of employee’s morale and improvement of quality of products and services.

How it is useful for organization?

1. It helps in reducing risk, error’s in an organization.
2. It assists in understanding present standard practices in the industry, which helps in maintaining product quality & services.
3. Helps in learning Multivariate tools like waste reduction, stream mapping etc.
4.Gives exposure to different components and concepts like chi-square table, ANOVA, contingency table etc.

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