Mechanical Engineering education has an ability to turn the planet into a heaven. It plays a vital role in the social and economic development and well-being of the nation. Presently in India, mechanical engineering is mushrooming with introduction of Six Sigma in their curriculum.

Six Sigma can be seen as a matrix, a soul, and a methodology derivative of mechanical engineering for quality and reliability that will satisfy and even exceed demands and expectations of today’s demanding customer. Mechanical Engineering is all about delivering potential units and with orientation to Six Sigma it assists productive output / units under set limits.

A well designed Six Sigma approach enables mechanical engineers to apply best practice tools and confidently deliver any design project.It assists to deliver robust, defect free products, aside to it , it also emphasize on probability and statistics for optimizing automotive manufacturing. Now you can be a Bomb in your own industry by manufacturing your own motives. Isn’t that amazing?

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Six Sigma is divine for mechanical engineers which assists them in design and development of world-class test hardware and software, Ensure regulatory compliance through Qualification & Validation, it Prepare and conduct formal design, code and hardware reviews and Drive improved product quality by identifying manufacturing issues, developing advanced manufacturing cost-effective solutions, and overseeing successful implementation into production.

Mechanical billing methodology is quite tedious and time consuming with tethering issues processes are likely to get slower and at times it may be frustrating when thousands of bills are left at the desk for perusal. Six Sigma is an excellent choice for all the masses to find ways to improve billing procedures and raising invoices.

Another way that the Six Sigma can benefit is by eliminating waste. It is waste and unnecessary steps that cause increase in overhead motive cost. Reduction in waste not only means that more can be done in a day but it also means that you can save thousands of rupees

About Six Sigma training and certification

5-days/20-hours Live Online Certification Course on Weekends. Post completion, you get additional 6-months/12-hours Post Certification Live-Online Action-Oriented Expert Sessions which helps you in implementation of your learning

Curriculum:1.  Module 01 – Getting Started with Six Sigma  
2.  Module 02 – Define Phase
3.  Module 03 – Measure Phase
4.  Module 04 – Anayze Phase
5.  Module 05 – Improve Phase 
6.  Module 06 – Control Phase
7.  Module 07 – Lean Methodology
8.  Module 08 – Integrate the Learning 

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