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The MERN stack consists of Mongo Express, React, and Node. The tech stack is highly demanded on the market. To learn these things, however, one needs mentors who will guide you on the right path and ensure you are learning at a rapid pace.

In addition, since this is a combination of multiple technologies, the mentors you are training should be experts in the field and should have experience in the industry so they can teach you much more than theoretical concepts.

My experience after meeting multiple trainers and visiting various institutes led me to recommend one institute called Henry Harvin that meets many of the parameters above.

Among the many positive aspects of their MERN Stack developer course, following are the main:

  • Expertise in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap
  • Studying Java Programming Language Syntax and Semantics
  • DOM elements were implemented using JavaScript
  • Developed a dynamic and responsive website design.
  • Worked with the NodeJS execution model, streams, APIs, and more
  • We learned React’s Functional Components, State Components, Child Components, Lifecycle, and Routing
  • Acquired skills to implement code review tools and standard code conventions
  • Learned how to install MongoDB and convert and insert data


With more than 9 years of experience working for various product-based organizations, the team is highly qualified.To ensure students have sufficient hands-on experience on real-time projects, they used advanced learning techniques to make sure they are aware of concepts, as well as various enterprise-level projects.

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