After applying for and attending a number of courses but not learning anything, we almost concluded that these courses don’t teach anything. A friend suggested I take Henry Harvin’s Advanced Social Media Marketing course.

Initially, I was hesitant, but he reassured me that it is good and gives us a certificate, explains all the concepts, and illustrates them. The idea sounded good, so I prayed about it and then began classes. I realized after a few classes that I was being taught by industry experts who not only impart knowledge but also put it into practice. 

Topics covered include email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, paid advertising, Google Analytics, and content marketing. Students can receive assistance, even when the course is not in progress, through the well-organized program. I was pleasantly surprised after taking a lot of other courses that were not interesting. Henry Harvin provided excellent guidance.

Because the others lectured and said something and left, there was no place for me to ask questions. In fact, they never gave me any hands-on training. I received both through this course. I also received seven certifications. The course has helped me optimize my content well and it met all of my requirements, the whole experience has helped me gain an understanding of digital marketing. 

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