Well, I have always been interested in taking up many courses in the field of programming and management as I’m an IT engineer. I did previously undertake a course in Henry Harvin Education but this one was just fabulous. Henry Harvin Education’s SQL training and certification course is one of the most sophisticated, up to date and practical courses that I have ever seen and taken. New courses start each week so I faced absolutely no issue with choosing the right time for me, I could easily take up the course soon after my university exams were over. 

They divide the entire SQL certification course into seven modules which cover topics like SQL Manipulation, String Functions, Mathematical functions, Data-Time Functions, JOIN, and tuning up. The course covered basics and in-depth topics. With the live classroom sessions, they included two additional complementary modules that taught me about soft skills and resume writing, this significantly influenced my chances of being employed. 

I had initially taken the self-paced course but after looking at the benefits that the live classroom sessions had I had no choice but to convert. The process was smooth, and I was a live classroom student in no time. I could attend unlimited live classes with multiple faculty who were all equally good with an exceptional experience which was expected while learning in a top-ranking institution.

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