Learning a language for database management is a need of the hour and it significantly increases your chances of employment. I knew I wanted to do an online certification and training in SQL but I wasn’t aware of any good institutions. While browsing the internet for good courses, the first institution that I came across was Henry Harvin Education and they impressed me. It was ranked number  1 by ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

This SQL certification course had absolutely everything that one can possibly need while in a course that will be taught online. It had Hackathons, Gold Membership, training, projects, placement assistance, E-Learning, Internships, and boot camp sessions all at a very impressive price of only 7500/- which is not high at all considering all the perks and benefits.

The course is delivered on the basis of modules that are taught by the best-in-class faculty who have more than ten years of experience under their belt. This is to be expected as they are subject experts and the course is based on the current market requirements and is entirely practical. 

The best part about the course is that they teach it in only 16 hours but it covers over 7 modules and is taught in the allotted time comfortably. Bootcamp sessions and Learning management systems make sure that all that is taught stays with you and is brushed up regularly. 

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