Having pursued a degree in data mining and communications, I was in search of a good SQL developer course. I was introduced to Henry Harvin Education’s SQL certification and training program by one of my friends and I was impressed. A top-ranking institution that provides all the things you need including training, internships, placement assistance, gold memberships, and boot camp sessions. It indeed is an overall package.

Everything that I learned was completely practical and market-oriented. I learned everything covering the basics and then moving on to the core concepts like JOIN, String Functions, Data-Time Functions, and tuning tips. Two additional modules are also available that include soft skill development and resume writing.

These modules were essential to make sure that along with being educated I was also employable. With the potentially unlimited E-Learning resources, I made sure that I was constantly reading and learning and exploiting my potential and the resources that I received. 

After my course was completed I received boot camp sessions every month. This made sure that I brushed my domain knowledge and core skills along with being absolutely ready for my interviews. All the classes that I ever attended with Henry Harvin Education were flawless and sensational. The faculty were subject experts with 10+ years of experience which is ideal when the course is completely market-oriented and practical. I could attend virtually unlimited classes and with any number of faculty, this broadened my perspective of looking at the subjects and the topics themselves. 

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