teen mba

All my summers are usually about going for Maths tuitions to prepare for the next class. This year I completed my 12th exams and I had also appeared for competitive exams and this year I did not want to study any course material. I wanted to learn something different, so I asked my elder brother who is doing MBA from a top institute in Hyderabad to suggest me.

He looked up some courses on the internet and he read a blog about some TEEN MBA course by an institute called Henry Harvin. He liked the blog and further went to the course page and read about the course in detail.

Hew was very impressed with it as it gave a glimpse into the real MBA in simpler terms. He talked to my parents and advised them to get me enrolled in that course. My parents also liked the idea and I got admission into the course. My specialization was a technology as I am very fond of it.

 I did classes in the evening and I must say I loved the sessions.I learnt about concepts like leadership, team management, business planning etc. When my specialization , which was CEO+CTOstarted I got introduced to terms like problem solving, insight, ideation etc.

At first, I found them a bit difficult but thanks to our mentors they had molded the subjects to suit our young minds. Luckily, I also had my brother guide me.

It was my best summer vacation as I learned such a new thing and it also motivated me to study harder and achieve my dream of making it big in the field of technology. Thanks, Henry Harvin.

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