Value Stream Mapping

I am Devika Jain, a B.Com graduate and now an entrepreneur. Recently, I have started my own start-up in the state of Assam. I wanted to take a Value Stream Mapping course to make full use of the limited resources and create value for my customers. 

Henry Harvin provides hands-on training with industry projects during the Value Stream Mapping Certification course. The course helps in the development of effective tools of lean methodology.

It focuses on identifying and eliminating waste and streamlining work processes, reducing costs, etc. As an entrepreneur, it was really important for me to do this course so that I can cut costs and waste.

The platform didn’t only give me the theoretical knowledge and facts about the course but also developed my practical knowledge. They taught me how we can apply it in real life. Henry Harvin is one of the best platforms to avail of this course. 

For the review of this course, I would like to say that it was really fun and amazing to be a part of this platform. You will have to work hard to achieve the best of their offerings. You will be given a lot of homework and quizzes and as you solve them many of your flaws will be marked and corrected. 

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