teen mba

I am studying in class Bcom. As part of my summer program, I had thought of doing some extra computer classes and I had those on weekdays. Then my mother came across this TEEN MBA program by Henry Harvin while surfing the internet and she asked me if I would like to get a taste of what an MBA feels like. Both my parents have done MBA from very reputed institutes and have very good careers.

I always ask her a lot of questions about her student time and what she learned there. So my mother saw it as a golden opportunity to get me exposed to this field of study.

 My weekdays were already booked so I enquired if there were any weekend classes. To my relief there were weekend classes available , so my mother got me enrolled into the all rounder program that comprised of 10 hours of general plus another 15 hours of specilised course . It is called ‘all rounder’ package as it includes marketing,technology and financial specialization along with basic business studies.

I continued with it even after my school reopened as they were weekend classes and it was not difficult for me to accommodate them in my schedule. It was not an easy course, I got introduced to so many new concepts, terminologies, and methods. There were so many students and it was new for all of us. 

Our trainer made it very interesting and gradually I started enjoying the course. They referred to some reading material and also gave us assignments to do in the class and also during the weekdays. Now I understand a little bit of what an MBA actually means.

It would take a lot of hard work to get into a top business school like my parents did but now I have some idea about the various fields. You can say this t-MBA by Henry Harvin was like a trailer before the actual movie!

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