I am Trishna Sureka from Odisha. I came across Henry Harvin details via a friend who did some courses from here and now is at a very high position in his profession. I thought of doing the six sigma certification with business analytics to improve my CV and LinkedIn profile with professional certifications. 

Henry Harvin is a great academy. My friend already told me a lot about the platform so I was very excited to join. As I joined I was amazed with the opportunities and trainers here. The trainers are professionals with more than 10 years of experience and always try to give real life examples so that the trainees can relate better. Our theoretical knowledge was always blended and exercised with practical views. We used to get homeworks and assignments to work on and get better. After the course, I got internships as well which were very helpful. Since this course is a combination of two courses, I as a student was benefited as I got two certificates and double the knowledge by saving time and money. 

I had a great time in the academy. I learned a lot of things and improved myself in various forms. I understood the use of six sigma techniques and business analytics. The course has boosted my confidence level. Also it has been added to my resume. I have got various job offers in the recent time.

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