I am Bijit Bhowmick from West Bengal. I wanted to do this course from Henry Harvin to improve my financial analysis as I am a stock market broker. Master in six sigma certification with business analytics helped me a lot with stock market predictions. 

I joined the course here to know more about stock market analysis. And in my batch I met a lot of people from different backgrounds who came in to learn different things. This shows how diversified the course is and how many things it includes. After the completion of the course I was offered valuable internships and I frequently get job offers on my mail. It also opens doors for job opportunities from abroad which demand specialization. You will be able to distinguish your profile from peers and get promoted in your present organisation with the in-demand skill set. You can learn project management, leadership and analytical skills all in one course. It is a full package. 

I joined the course to improve my financial analysis but I came out with a lot more. I have become better at my job and also have many things in mind. My salary was increased after I did the course and also I am a better stock market decision maker now.  

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