I live in Bangalore. I have passed my college this year. I did not wish to work immediately after graduation. So I took my time to research various online courses that would lead me to higher education. My parents also did not force me to join any job. They supported me and helped me look for the best course available. Then we found it! Henry Harvin’s course in the Lean Practitioner Training course. I feel proud to say that my time invested will be bearing fruits in no time.

          When you start an online course, your basic demands would be a perfect mode of learning and a good teacher. Henry Harvin met all my requirements and objectives. My trainor was a professor with 30+ years of experience, even work experience in this field. He narrated many stories of his days and through those explained how to gain practical knowledge. The exciting part of the whole process was the internship at the end of the course. Lean is incomplete without working in the field and this course met with that need too. There were real life situations to handle as part of practical training and that really helped me get into the skin of the career.

              It was even more enriching because of the certificate I received after my online exam. What made it worthwhile were the brush up sessions, that would never let you forget the importance of details and techniques taught in those 8 hours. This course helped me develop my skills and take them to an advanced level that would attract the companies  and impress my recruiters. With the new found inspiration, I feel more confident and ready to face the bigger challenges in the field. Thank you Henry Harvin!

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