I had heard a lot about SAP courses and its benefits from my friends but never had thought of enrolling in it. I was already in a corporate field and during the first lockdown, when everything changed to work from home, I got ample amount of time to think about my career. I tried to gather more information about the course online and I came across Henry Harvin through that. I was impressed by their key features already. 

Then I went through the learning benefits and their curriculum too. I sent the brochure to my brother who already knew about SAP. He too asked me to go for it. I was pretty happy that I was eligible for the training and enrolled for it without giving a second thought. It had been a long time since I took the course, so I was hesitant initially. But with the support of the amazing trainers there, I got adjusted. I was on track in no time. The tutors were the industry experts who had a great experience in SAP Simple Finance Training for years and it was all evident through their teaching. 

We were provided with the real-world experiences through assessments and the practical which was conducted during the training period. We also were exposed to various mini-projects which had a goal to boost our confidence and develop the skills required after training. I am very satisfied and happy that I have successfully completed the course. Thank you, Henry Harvin.

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