I had taken other courses earlier but none of those fulfilled my expectation till I opened the courses by Henry Harvin and read its curriculum. This course is for anyone who handles data regardless of their background. It also shows a number of tableau knowledge-based concepts which helps understand the important applications of tableau in the real world as well.

They do not need to have any prior technical or analytical knowledge. They have faculty with comprehensive skills which they acquaint the students with and also have practical doubt clearing sessions. Such expertise and knowledge in one package are not easy to find. They provide you with assignments that make you better at your skill. 

The Henry Harvin tableau course teaches you to arrange data in the form of a flowchart and perform different computations and calculations on it. They do not teach anything which is irrelevant. I personally had a fun learning experience and I am actually glad I chose this course over the plethora of others I saw on the internet.  It makes you an expert in tableau. We also learned how to create various charts, maps, scatterplots, and interactive dashboards for each of our projects.

I can now use my skills to analyze and collect knowledge from data. This is a very good way to learn how to use tableau even for beginners. It is structured for better understanding as the material is available for you to read when you are doing tableau for practice. You just have to take this course and then be sure that you can perform all the basic tableau computations. The certificates are just added.

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