Scrolling through the courses on the Internet I found this one by Henry Harvin and it’s fabulous that I took it.  

This was my first course on the tableau and I’m sure it couldn‘t be better. With a range of opportunities, it also provided me with the correct theory material, the studying of which was enough to clear my concepts. The course is concise but does not miss any topic. I can unarguably say that it is better than any of the other courses I found. Before taking it, I obviously went to their website to study the take-aways and it was exactly what I wanted, maybe even more, but not less.  

To be honest I was a bit doubtful if anything because I felt it was too good to be true. But I am telling you, the Henry Harvin tableau course is, it is worth every penny you spend. You don’t even have to think twice, just go for it. This course increases your confidence and makes you capable enough to design dashboards yourself.  

Everything they teach is relevant and they do not talk about things that you don’t need to know. It helped me discover sales trends and data patterns like customer purchase behavior. I also got to apply the things I have learned in the course itself as they gave us opportunities when the course was going on so anyone who can take the initiative was allowed to do it. The guidance they provide is not easy to get in a course and they are also helpful whenever we need even when they are done and dusted with the course. I’m glad I chose this over all others.

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