I had no prior experience with tableau but I was able to follow along properly. It covers a range of topics which include data visualization, tableau architecture, and tableau prep. We were taught how to build a simple data flow using the Tableau prep builder tool.  

This was extremely helpful as we got to know how to arrange data in a basic way. While teaching they also let the student go through the theory part in his or her own tableau application. Material on the tableau is not difficult to find but filtering it to learn only what is important is not easy. The course is well designed and the teachers are very supportive.

The program is well structured. Performing simple operations on data was also explained at length by the experienced faculty. The Henry Harvin tableau course increased my interest in data and its arrangement. If the course had a few more practice exercises no other course could be better.

But maybe it’s just me because the exercises were so good that I wanted to keep doing that and improving my knowledge on the facts I had not felt were important. This course helped me score well in the exams and the credits solely go to the practice exams which were so frequent and detailed. It is also very helpful in clearing Tableau desktop certified associate exam.  

Other than that, even for people who just want to learn it as a skill, it is good. It changes your way of looking at data and teaches you how to create fantastic graphs and visualizations. I also have an understanding of it in different scenarios.

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