I am an IT engineer by profession. Computer vision is a fast-developing field. And is in high demand in various industries. Knowledge of this skill will be helpful for progress in my job profile and will also provide better job security. There are a number of benefits related to the completion of this certification course.

 I then decided to enhance my skill and knowledge by enrolling in the computer vision course at Henry Harvin Institute. This is the perfect training program that will assist the learners in giving the knowledge of applying the strategies of computer vision in real-world applications.

The Computer Vision course curriculum is relevant to the latest industry standards. The 8-hrs course is divided into 3 modules which makes you trained to become a computer vision expert. The course gives knowledge from fundamental concept learning to advanced learning.

Trainers are well-trained and experienced persons. From their experience in the domain, they know very well which could be a challenging concept for the learners. Accordingly, they give more attention to those topics and with their effective training methods make sure that the concept is well understood by the learner.

The course will give knowledge about working with images and convolution of images, which will help in developing understanding about Siamese Network for Metric learning. It will help you in learning comprehensively about CNN architecture. Likewise, other important topics related to the domain.

It was a fully beneficial course for me. With the hands-on experience, I gained while working on practical projects related to CNN architecture, computer vision, and more. That practice proves to be very useful for me in my job role. 

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