When I was in the final year of graduation looking at the popularity and demand of computer vision experts and due to my inclination towards the programming language. I want to make my career in this domain. So after completing my graduation in maths. I was searching for an institute offering a computer vision course.

From a number of the institutes offering the course, I found the computer vision course from Henry Harvin Institute to be the suitable one. The training program is of 8 hrs duration. With the modules covering the deep knowledge about the subject as an introduction to image processing, CNNs, CNNs for verification, recognition, and detection. They provide two complementary modules that are of much importance. It prepares the learner for job interviews and placements.    

The Computer Vision course will make you acquainted with the concepts such as inception and mobile net models. It will make you learn comprehensively about CNN Architecture.  

Trainers make the learners understand the modules very well. Any doubts or queries of the learners they attended in detail. And make sure that the learner gains the perfect understanding of the concept.

With theoretical training, more focus is given on practical training as it will prove helpful while working in real job industries. There are practical projects in CNN architecture, computer vision. The experience of working on the practical project turns out to be very useful for future job roles.

After the course completion, I opt for Internship training from the institute. It gives me valuable practical experience. During my internship training, I have applied for some jobs. With the knowledge and the skill learned through this course, I am now working in the field of computer vision.

I am very thankful to the Henry Harvin Institute and my trainer for equipping me with the knowledge and learning strategies for computer vision.

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