I completed my engineering degree in computer science. For getting better job opportunities I was looking for skill-enhancing courses that will be helpful in building my career. As there is high demand for computer vision experts in most of the fields. I joined this course from Henry Harvin Institute as learning the skill will provide a wide scope of career opportunities.

The Computer vision course is designed to give an understanding of the techniques applied in the Computer Vision application. The course is helpful in shaping your career as a certified computer vision professional. It will give you knowledge about the learning strategies and techniques related to computer vision.

The course is of 8 hours duration. With the limited time, it gives a deep understanding of the concept. The course will help you in giving the knowledge to work with images and convolution of images. It will make you acquainted with concepts such as inception and mobile net models. And many other related modules included.

 The course curriculum is designed according to the industry standard to meet the challenges of the job market. It covers the knowledge about important modules as an introduction to image processing, CNNs, CNNs for recognition, verification & detection. Training is also given about the modules that will give you the skill which is much required for job preparation and interview.   

Trainers give the best understanding of each topic. They are professionals with years of experience working in this domain. And their experience is reflected in their teaching. They make sure that the concept is understood well by the learners.

The course has benefitted me a lot. Knowledge of this skill makes me eligible for applying for the job in most of the sectors.

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