I am in my last year of MBA. I always wanted to do a course in SQL but I could not find a good course. While browsing online I came across Henry Harvin Education and its online SQL training program. I believe this is one of the best and most sophisticated online programming courses I have taken up. The courses ranked number 1, and it has lived up to my expectations.

This SQL Developer certification is a complete package. They provided me with training, projects, internships, gold membership, and Bootcamp sessions. The amount of learning that I gained from the internships and the course itself was immense and entirely practical. The compiled curriculum was comprehensive and touched all aspects of SQL starting from the basics ranging all the way up. 

I could attend unlimited sessions on different topics with multiple world-class faculty who have been in the field for more than 10 years. They know the subject inside out and they were able to find innovative ways to teach. By the end of the course, I was completely acquainted with SQL and database organization. They awarded me with a SQL practitioner’s certificate. The gold membership that I received with the Coding Academy of Henry Harvin Education opened up my pathway to monthly boot camp sessions that I could use to brush up my skills regularly. 

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