I am Subhana Yasmin from Udaipur. I have a start-up business and wanted to do this course from Henry Harvin of Six Sigma Certification with Power BI to improve processes and performances that leads to high-quality products and services in my enterprise. 

Anyone can do this course, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, employee or student. The courses can benefit everyone. The certificates hold real value. You will learn essential project management and leadership skills. Gain skills to explore, analyze and solve management problems using 20 plus management tools. The course can open doors of job opportunities from abroad demanding specialization for you. You can get an edge on your peers during the job interviews.

After the course, they also offer internships either with the academy itself or their partner firms. This gives you a wider practical experience. A lot of companies prefer employees who have such experiences. So if you want to do a job in this field, you must go for this course. 

I joined the course to improve the processes and performances that lead to high-quality products and services in my start-up. I must admit, the course helped me a lot. I have made my start-up a better place and it has also reduced the overall cost of the business in many ways. 

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