Hi – I am Sneha Puri. I have always been interested in writing and wanted to enhance my writing skills. My friends who have completed their content writing course from Henry Harvin had very positive Henry Harvin reviews. As I have a marketing background, I decided to join Henry Harvin’s copywriting course. Copywriting as I understand is the art of writing a jingle or a product tagline for advertising and promoting your company’s products or services. 

It is only once I enrolled myself for the Copywriting Course that I realized that copywriting is much more than just writing jingles or taglines. I was taught how to create catalogues, brochures and more. I also got to design billboards. The course is well planned, easy to understand and is assignment based. Each assignment has a submission date and students are evaluated on submission and quality. The assignments definitely pushed me to actually do all the research work and also write, which was quite challenging for me.

All the trainers are very experienced and are always there to clarify our doubts. I whole-heartedly thank my trainer. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with the copywriting course content. She has always been there to guide me and given me honest feedback so that I could improve on my assignments.

I really found the copywriting course very fascinating.  I can without a doubt say that Henry Harvin’s copywriting course taught me to structure the ideas in my mind to reality. This course has also equipped me with the skills to persuade customers and increase brand awareness.

I have a lot to take with me from this course. I will definitely recommend Henry Harvin’s content writing course to friends, family and to others. Thank you.

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