Finding a good course online is like looking for a pin in a haystack. I say it because the courses online are uncountable so much so that it seems almost impossible to get the course that is most helpful for you. This course by Henry Harvin is very detailed and easy to follow. These are some of the benefits I got from the Henry Harvin tableau course

Monthly Bootcamp sessions: Every month we had Bootcamp with teachers who helped us brush up on what we have learned. They also allow us to talk about the things we don’t understand with other students and ask questions to the teachers. 

Attend unlimited batches with multiple trainers: On enrolling with the analytics academy, we also get access to attending any number of batches we like and learn from different trainers. We could watch one topic being taught by one teacher and another by another. We could also learn the same thing from two different teachers. This helped in making our concepts well understood. 

1-year membership of analytics academy: We got to do projects, internships could see recorded videos for a year, interview skills, weekly job support, access to e-learning, career services, complimentary soft skills and resume writing courses.  

Experienced faculty: The faculty have the knowledge and have hands-on industry skills. They can tell you how to create fancy visualization and graphs. 

Projects and assignments: They give a number of projects which help us understand the topics which are not possible in that good and proper thing with theory. 

Elaborate curriculum: They have included all the aspects of tableau in one and you don’t have to take different courses. It is also structured and has effective presentations.

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