There was an urgent need for me to get involved in something that would boost my enthusiasm and also be a help for my career. This lockdown being extended for over a year now was taking its toll on me. I was losing all the skills I could nurture while being in school or college. So this Project Management Professionals course was going to act as a booster for me. And rightly so!

        My parents were very enthusiastic about the program. The whole course turned out to be so productive and informative. All my objectives were met and the resources were amazing. The trainers gladly explained all my doubts, the concepts were clearly presented, and the projects were fun. All the sessions were interactive. Though there were a lot of students together, individual attention was given to meet everyone’s demand. There were quizzes and assignments to make our concepts clearer. With every class, I found myself exposed to newer topics that piqued my interest.

        I would definitely recommend this course to my peers. All my friends were really impressed by my progress. It helped me upgrade my skills and now I feel confident and professional about project management. Also the certificate was an additional perk and a star to my resume. From here, I know there are going to be better opportunities waiting ahead of me. This course was just the correct push to my career and now it will definitely  head in the correct direction. Thanks to Henry Harvin once again for helping me reach this level!

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