I am a third year student pursuing Biotechnology. In my stream, we have to demonstrate various processes and concepts via projects and practical representations. I had done project presentations in my school and at quite a few school level seminars. 

But I realised that it was completely different from what a college asks from their students. I decided not to delay this skill, and hence started looking for a Project Management Professionals program. I had done a few courses from Henry Harvin earlier, and was satisfied with their delivery. This time when the institute presented itself with the accurate course, I enrolled immediately. Once again I was not disappointed at all!

        I have been enriched through this course. I feel like a better project manager and I believe with the knowledge and skills I have acquired by taking this course, I will manage my projects more professionally. I learnt planning and sequencing all the activities for successful project execution. 

The most important lesson that was taught was being accountable for team operations and strategic influencing. There were bootcamp sessions after the interactive core lectures. The trainor was an internationally acclaimed person in this field. He even shared his own hands-on experiences so that we can have full insight into the program. All over the hours of learning were fun and informative.

        The globally recognized certification for this course was an additional perk, which will make my resume shine. This course opens many doors for lucrative career opportunities. I would recommend every student to take this course to enhance their future career prospects.

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